Last week, The Sun reported that Zac Efron and his girlfriend of five months, Vanessa Valladares, had split up. It turns out that report might not be exactly accurate; E News! reported that the two were seen out together in Adelaide, Australia, after a workout session.

In photos included by E!, Valladares and Efron were both wearing exercise clothes. Efron wore a sleeveless shirt, and Valladares wore a bright orange sports bra and leggings.

It seems that things have been going pretty well with the couple, too. in October, Efron celebrated his 33rd birthday. Per E!, radio host Kyle Sandilands said that Valladares put the whole thing together. “He absolutely loves Australia,” Sandilands said. “Well, he’s in love with this girl Vanessa. They’re lovely. Beautiful couple. They do everything together. They’re just really sweet, and they’re lovely.”

“Zac met Ness earlier in the summer,” a source told People earlier this year. “They started hanging out in July and recently took a ski trip together.”

In August, TMZ published a report that said Efron planned to permanently leave the U.S. and live in Australia. He was reportedly tired of Hollywood and enjoys spending time in Byron Bay, New South Wales. A big reason behind that move might just be Valladares.

“Zac and Vanessa are really good for each other,” a source told Us Weekly. “She has calmed him down a lot, and he’s not partying too much.” The two enjoy spending time outdoors with each other—a good thing to like doing when you live in Australia.

“Vanessa loves to be active,” the source said. “She and Zac have that in common.”

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