If there is one thing most of us have learnt from staying at home while keeping the corona virus at bay, it’s this – we need less than we want.

This is true of most things. Clothes, shoes, bags have fallen out of use while we schlepp around at home in our most comfortable clothes, and barefoot.

Most of us hardly even wore makeup while at home. Some did, for online meetings, but as I didn’t have any that couldn’t be dealt with via email or a phone call, I was makeup-free for at least 4 months.

I’ve only just started putting on very light makeup when I go out, which might explain the dearth of makeup product reviews 😛

While I ran through my skincare routine one day, I found myself wondering about whether this enforced period of restricted movement might have made people rethink their beauty spending habits.

Do you find yourself spending less on beauty products?

I’m spending less on beauty purchases

I certainly have been. It wasn’t a recent decision, but a conscious effort I had made to cut my beauty spending last year.

I stopped shopping online almost cold turkey!

So many sales and deals passed me by, and to be honest, I began to miss receiving all the parcels containing beauty goodies haha!

But it wasn’t without a reason why.

I wanted to slow down, and enjoy what I had for a while.

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I think we allow life to rush by us too fast, and to allow ourselves to be caught up in the maelstrom of everything that is new and bright and shiny.

I have a cupboard full of skincare, because I’d pick up a little something now and again, whenever I see a good deal happening, or I come across a new product that I’m interested in. I have numerous bottles of retinol serums, Vitamin C serums, moisturizers, masks… and that isn’t even including press previews I receive occasionally.

Once I made the decision to cut down on my beauty spending, I found myself actually enjoying using up my products, and throwing them out. I have made the odd new purchase, usually of a cleanser or a Vitamin C serum (I don’t hoard Vitamin C serums anymore – they go bad quickly!) but in the main, I have been careful with my purchases.

prudent spending tips

I’m less tempted by expensive or trendy beauty products

I have also found myself very much less tempted by expensive or trendy beauty products.

I used to be easily swayed by everything released by a pricier skincare brand e.g. Drunk Elephant, Sunday Riley or even Cle de Peau or Chanel. It would intrigue me, and I would splurge on it, reasoning that it was worth a shot at least once.

Just a few days ago, I had a chat with a friend about May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon. We both love it. We are both huge fans of it. I have a tub on my dresser all the time, which I dip into as a luxurious treat every now and again.

But my friend commented that it was getting far too expensive to purchase, as the only reliable place to get it is from May Lindstrom themselves. They do ship internationally, and it is a reliable shipping method that passes through customs seamlessly (I have used it recently).

But with the exchange rate, we have both reached the point where even though we can afford it, we wonder if it is even worth our money. We loved it, we still love it, but it isn’t such a rational purchase anymore.

Similarly, when I come across a new trending product or brand, I struggle to connect anymore. I just allow it to gloss past, and I quickly forget about it thereafter.

Much of why I feel this way is due to the fact that I do a lot of online shopping for beauty products from overseas.

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In recent times, I’ve been informed that many people have experienced problems receiving their online purchases of beauty products from overseas. I cautioned a few months ago, that now may not be the best time to buy beauty products from overseas stores, and that might still hold true.

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I will say however, that I did make a purchase on iHerb a month ago, which included 2 beauty products, and they reached me safely, with no issues whatsoever. It was delivered by DHL and it was seamless, as every iHerb package has been fro me.

Perhaps I’m lucky, or perhaps it’s the shipping provider that’s making things complicated, but I’m holding off online beauty shopping for a while more.

So, that is me. A slightly reformed beauty online shopping addict LOL! I do still buy stuff, I’m just more scrupulous and careful about it.

Are you spending less (or more) on beauty purchases?

I’m curious! 😀 Has the lockdown taught us anything? 😀

Paris B


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