Do you want to earn a healthy living as your own boss? With a career in merchant services, you can make money on a flexible schedule from the comfort of your own home. Merchant service representatives connect business owners with the tools they need for fast, affordable payment processing. If you have a knack for networking and a bit of customer service experience, here’s what you need to know about lucrative home business opportunities in the fast-growing merchant services industry.

Merchant Sales Agents

Generally, sales agents represent a specific provider of payment processing systems and software. The agent contracts with new customers so their businesses can accept credit cards with no monthly fee.

In addition to a flat rate for signing each new business, this endeavor creates streams of residual income. Each time you sign a client, they agree to pay the processing company a percentage of each sale. As the agent, you receive up to 90% of that fee for each and every sale, earning continual passive income for the length of the contract even as you sign new clients.

Sales agents may also receive commissions and bonuses for repeat transactions. You can earn more money by suggesting services to improve the customer’s business operations.

You can also enroll as an agent in a point of sale reseller program. With this arrangement, you sell systems from an existing merchant solutions company. You interface directly with your clients and rely on the company or a third-party service for fulfillment and customer support. If you do not want to sell systems directly, consider selling leads to a reputable merchant solutions company. You’ll earn a commission percentage for each lead that signs with the firm.

Credit Card Processing Agents

When you choose this route, you’ll need to develop a comprehensive understanding of how credit card payments work. When a business owner sells services or products online or at a brick and mortar location, they enter the buyer’s credit card information into the payment processing system. The system transmits this data to a central processing center, where the customer’s bank receives the information and provides a merchant authorization code. With this code, the merchant will receive the funds from the buyer and they will be removed from the buyer’s bank account. The home-based processing agent manages credit card payments from initiation of the sale to the final invoice to the buyer and the seller.

Customer Service Agents

These professionals provide behind-the-scenes support for new and existing merchant services clients. In this role, you serve in a call center where you’ll help customers troubleshoot their point-of-sale terminals, replace defective equipment, and answer questions about invoices. You can also boost your income by recommending additional products and services to customers when they call for assistance.

When you start a career in merchant services with Merchant Account Solutions, you’ll have the freedom of your own business with the support and resources of an established professional firm. Whether you prefer a sales, processing or customer service position, we’re ready to provide the knowledge you need to succeed in this exciting industry. Get in touch to learn more about starting your home-based enterprise.


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