The bite-sized bag craze over the last few years can be traced back to French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, who unveiled his now-ubiquitous three-inch handbag, the Le Chiquito, at the spring-summer 2018 show for his namesake brand. At first, the meme-worthy accessory left some fashion fans, myself included, perplexed: Who would pay a full $500 for a bag that can barely fit a credit card? As it turns out, lots of people; soon after the show, images of Le Chiquito began popping up all over the internet, strewn across the bodies of celebrities like Rihanna and every single Kar-Jenner sister. Though many of those initial bags could have been gifted to their wearers, Le Chiquito’s true impact lay in the way it was next imitated. Soon enough, everyone from indie labels to fast fashion giants rolled out their own version of the mini bag design, turning it from a somewhat-aspirational item into an attainable trend. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a handbag line that doesn’t include some iteration of a comically downsized purse. And they’ve gotten smaller — for his fall-winter 2019 collection, Jacquemus designed an even tinier version of Le Chiquito, dubbed the Le Chiquito Petit, which clocks in at a mere two inches wide and sells for $255. 


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