Trader Joe’s is my favorite store for affordable, unique grocery items my entire family loves! They have great snacks, time-saving sauces and condiments, wine, fresh flowers, interesting frozen items and more.  Below is a list of some of my summer favorites if you’re wondering what to get at Trader Joe’s.

1. Corn + Chile Tomato-less Salsa. Every time I go to Trader Joe’s I have to buy a few jars of this salsa! It’s great on taco salad, in burritos, in soup, with chips…my entire family loves it.  It’s sweet and not spicy so even little kids love it!

2. Spice blends like Garlic Salt and Onion Salt.  I don’t know what Trader Joe’s does to make these so much better than blends I find elsewhere, but they’re doing something right! The blends are a mix of dried onion or garlic with salt and herbs and they are so good! I love the onion salt on top of eggs and the garlic salt on a piece of avocado toast. They’re also great on roasted veggies or meats! 

Garlic salt and onion salt at Trader Joe's

3. I always have a box or two of Trader Joe’s seeded crisps in my pantry! They are the perfect complement for any cheese plate.  They change the flavors seasonally (the cranberry and pistachio combo at Christmas is the BEST!) and they add such a unique twist to an appetizer.  I love the Mango and Ginger Crisps paired with goat cheese and the Raisin and Rosemary Crisps paired with a parmesan.

Crisps crackers at Trader Joe's

Best Items to Buy at Trader Joe’s

4. This next item is one of the best items to buy at Trader Joe’s but it’s only available in the summer so you should pick it up soon! The BBQ Rub and Seasoning with Coffee and Garlic is THE BEST! It pairs well with chicken, steak or pork and elevates a burger to something extra-special. I usually rub a thick layer into a meat about 20 minutes before grilling it and everyone goes nuts for it! We had it on pork tenderloin the other night with a big salad and it was a hit.  The coffee flavor is very subtle so that even smaller kids like it.

BBQ coffee rub at Trader Joe's

5. Trail mix is the best thing to get at Trader Joe’s. The prices are reasonable and they always have interesting combos of dried fruit and nuts.  This combo of almonds, cashews and cranberries is a favorite in our house. It’s the perfect healthy snack to grab for days on the go!

Trail mix at Trader Joe's

6. Trader Joe’s Toasted Coconut Pancake Mix just tastes like summer! This is also a seasonal item so if you love it you should grab a few boxes. It’s one of my favorite items from Trader Joe’s because it helps create the perfect quick weekend breakfast everyone in the family loves.  We love the pancakes topped with bananas and macadamia nuts- it tastes like summer! Trader Joe’s has other seasonal pancake mixes year round.

Coconut pancake mix at Trader Joe's

What to get at Trader Joe’s

7. If you’re wondering what to get at Trader Joe’s, cat cookies are a great place to start. Cat cookies have been a staple in our house since my oldest (now 15!) was a toddler. They’re chocolate-y and crunchy and kind of addictive.  While I would never call them a health food, they do have less sugar than most other store-bought cookies.

Cat cookies at Trader Joe's

8. Trader Joe’s has the best hummus! We always have the one pictured below in our fridge.  My 7-year-old loves hummus and this one isn’t spicy with extras in it he doesn’t like.  The other hummus flavors I love are olive, jalapeño or mediterranean.  These aren’t a hit with the younger kids in my house but the adults and teens love them.  We pair hummus with carrots, cucumbers and pretzel slims.

Hummus dip at Trader Joe's

9. This pizza crust is one of the best items to buy at Trader Joe’s! It freezes well and it’s seriously as easy and ordering delivery pizza to pop in the oven for a few minutes.  Each pack comes with two pizzas that are the perfect size for my family of 5 paired with a salad.  We like to top ours with mozzarella cheese and sauce or pesto, goat cheese and roasted veggies. 

Pizza crust at Trader joe's

10. This refreshing Mint Watermelon Tea is one of my favorite items to buy at Trader Joe’s in the summer.  It makes an amazing iced tea and comes in the cutest little tin. It’s naturally sweet so it doesn’t need additional sweetener.  This is also a seasonal item so if you want to try it you should get to Trader Joe’s soon!

Mint Watermelon tea at Trader Joe's


Trader Joe’s is a fun place to shop and I love how they always have new items to discover. Share your favorites from Trader Joe’s in the comments!

Jessica works at Little Skye Kids Boutique in e-commerce and social media.  She lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids.


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