Violette, who goes by her first name only, is like the human version of a tall, refreshing glass of water on a scorching summer day. Yes, she has chic French-girl beauty attributes like perfectly mussed bangs, and petal-stained lips, but her approach to makeup is all about celebrating and enhancing what’s naturally there, and not using makeup to artificially warp or manipulate our appearance.

Soak in her content, and you’ll quickly realize you’re most definitely in the wrong place for harsh contouring tutorials or pout-plumping lip liner tricks. Instead, you’ll find dreamy, whimsical, and truly inspiring tips and how-tos that will—I bet you a full paycheck—spark a long-suppressed desire to try something totally new and outside of your comfort zone. While Violette’s new brand has technically been in the making for the past three years, she explained during a recent Zoom event that it’s been a developing passion project (in her mind, at least!) throughout her entire career as a makeup artist and influencer. 

Not surprisingly, her brand-new collection of products is everything her legions of fans and followers would hope it to be. You’ll find the matte red lipstick of all matte red lipsticks; an eye-shadow–and-liner hybrid available in two different wearable finishes (matte and twinkling); the quintessential Parisian perfume oil; a handy-dandy dry shampoo brush you can pack in your bag; a non-makeupy highlight stick that will replace all of your other highlighters; and, last but certainly not least, a multitasking skincare milk that’s sprayable and intentionally designed to do the work of your entire routine with exception to your cleanser.

Plus, in addition to the line being vegan and cruelty-free, every product also plays host to safe, “no-compromise” ingredients that surpass FDA cosmetic requirements for the U.S. and abide by the European Cosmetic Directive’s far stricter regulations. So while having an absolute ball playing with and applying the products, you can rest easy knowing they are safe for you, your home, and the environment. To celebrate Violette’s new line, my fellow beauty editor Courtney Higgs and I are testing and reviewing the exciting product lineup just below. Spoiler: the roster is fabulous, and if you do one nice thing for yourself this spring, make it a Violette_FR shopping trip. Keep scrolling!


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