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Alexandra Bunch is a huge supporter of vintage and thrift shopping. In fact, one could say she lives and breathes the mentality of recycling clothing. When she launched her womenswear brand, Local European, she wanted to make high-quality pieces that could be wearable forever—maybe even passed on through vintage shops decades from now. “I want to create things that are birthed from my same values,” Bunch says. “I believe in less is more and being as ethical as possible.”

One way she’s putting that ethos into action with Local European is by taking steps to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint with practices like using deadstock fabrics, which Bunch has come to find actually has a hidden benefit beyond reducing waste and energy. “Outside of doing our part, I love the exclusivity that using deadstock fabrics creates. Because resources are limited, it makes each piece feel more special and exclusive,” Bunch explains. “Again, less is more.”

Bunch believes that Local European as a brand has a responsibility to set an example and inspire both its customers and fellow designers to consume mindfully. After all, the Local European shopper is one who seeks out pieces that can be worn in many ways: working from home or the office, dressing up for dinner or parties in the hills, or simply relaxing at home or running errands. “The LE woman is a boss-driven hustler, who is not afraid to be unapologetically herself,” Bunch says of the person who comes to mind when she designs for Local European. “She belongs to any culture and loves luxury athleisure looks.”


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