Have you been tuning in to our FB Live Series, Speaking of Curves! All about showing support and love to various plus size businesses, we are on a roll! Today’s latest guest is Ms Nickee Mack, Diva Day International, a woman who has built a platform to help develop and nurture plus size models and their careers.

If she looks familiar, mayyybe you caught her at our casting for the TCFStyle Expo. Maybe you have seen her host an event or two, or maybe you caught her at an ORS event in Atlanta. Or maybe, you have shopped her lives, with her You See It Eyewear collection…

As you can see, Ms Nickee has her hands in a few things, and as a local plus size business owner, we had to get on our Live to talk all things shop!

You see, on the heels of our past interviews, we had to come back with another type of business to support in the plus size space.

If you missed the interview, watch it below!

Speaking of Curves with MsNickee Mack of Diva Day International

Did you catch all of those gems that Ms Nickee shared with us? She was giving us all the goodness and we even went over time! But it was all good… she had us on the edge of our seats.

Have you already supported her businesses?

Want more deets? Make sure to visit DivaDayInternational.net!


Love the frames? Visit YouSeeItEyewear.com

BUT. Did you catch that part about the new contest she launched, And The Category Is? Created to show love, support and lift up those in the community? 

This is a Love Project contest series sponsored by dedicated leaders in the hair, beauty, fashion, digital design and entertainment industry.

The purpose of this series it to bring together networks and businesses as a unit by bridge the gap between known and unknown talent.

And the Category Is by Ms Nickee of DIva Day International

Every two weeks, there is a new category to vote on. From modeling to Make up artistry to runway, you have a chance to participate. And today’s latest category is: SINGERS! 

Yes, there are looking for some of the best singers in the community! 

Head on over to AndtheCategoryIs.com to learn more about this contest and how you can support or enter! 

We will continue this series as there are quite a few businesses and brands that you can support and shop.

Make sure you also follow MsNickee on IG at @DivaDayInternational!

Make sure you Secondhand Curves, Honey’s Child Boutique, Chic & Curvy, Christian Omeshun, Haute & Co Bridal, Z by Zevarra, and Blogger House Curvy Closet; we are excited to introduce you to Diva Day International!

In the plus size fashion space, indie business owners are the backbone of our community. These brands, designers, and businesses challenge status quo and push the envelope. We are all feeling the shift and many of these businesses are pivoting to stay afloat.

And now?

It is even MORE important to support those small and indie businesses, to make sure that they make it through this!

You can catch Speaking of Curves LIVE on our FB page, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 12pm EST.

Which businesses, brands, and people would you like to see, featured? Let us know in the comments below!

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