NARS Orgasm X Quad Eyeshadow arrived last week did you snag one? P.S. Get your mind out of the gutter over there.

NARS released two new Orgasm Eyeshadow Palettes as an early Summer 2020 release one of which popped up at Sephora during the last day of the Rouge Event. That particular palette is a softer selection of shades inspired by Orgasm Blush. I picked it up but in no way is it a good representation of the blush as the colors are very, very soft. The Orgasm X Eyeshadow Palette is another story. That’s actually inspired by the new Orgasm X Blush and includes a far deeper shade range. Did anyone notice that Orgasm X seems to have quietly replaced Super Orgasm? It’s only available a single pro refill but I can’t seem to find it in permanent packaging.

The Orgasm X Eyeshadow Palette seemed to be exclusive to the NARS website at the moment but it’s bound to branch out and wander onto higher-end counters when stores re-open I’m sure. From promo images it seems like an almost rosy berry infusion of shades that again, don’t really remind me of Orgasm.

Do you ever sit there wondering why after all this time NARS hasn’t paired up Orgasm with some sort of gold shade? Gold and peach just go well together! Why not do a palette with an actual Orgasm eyeshadow shade with a deeper gold for a sunset eye look?

And how long can we ride the Orgasm train? Hey, I’m not complaining give me all the Orgasm makeup. But at this point it feels like NARS has pretty much extended the Orgasm shade to every single product they can extend it too. Is there anything else they can shade like Orgasm that hasn’t already been done? My mind is already thinking Summer 2021! I need to brain storm with them on that collection.

Are you picking up the Orgasm X Quad Eyeshadow Palette? Or the Orgasm Quad Eyeshadow Palette?

Which are you loving more?

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