E!: What’s it like wearing the same outfit the whole time and the potential to have a different wardrobe for season 3?

JM: Well first of all, it was really hot. Last season, we shot in the dead of winter so it was fine because I was actually one of the warmest cast members but then of course, for season two, we’re shooting in the dead of summer so I was sweating buckets with the black on black on black on black outfit. But actually they were nice enough this year to cut off the sleeves of the sweater so obviously you can’t see it because it’s underneath the leather jacket but at least I didn’t have double sleeves. I just had the hoodie and the leather jacket on top but still—really hot, really hot. But there’s a bit of safety and comfort in that as well. I got to set, the first day of shooting season two, and the moment I put on the boots, the moment I put on the leather jacket—it’s sort of like riding a bike, you feel the character again, you feel exactly where you should be.

In terms of the crazy change in the last scene of this season, we had gone through a few iterations of that uniform. They were trying to test out different fabrics, different colors, different variations. While everyone was shooting episode 10, I was pretty much in fittings all day figuring how the actual new Sparrow Academy uniform would look. I was also in a bunch of hair trials. We had like 20 different versions of Ben’s new hairstyle so it was quite a big thing because you’re setting up a brand new character, especially one that’s going to have sort of a pivotal role next season. It was very weird to put on the new outfit but again, fitting because in putting on that new outfit, I was trying to put on a new character. 


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