5. Clear and Brilliant 1540 or 1927nm Low-Energy Laser: Rogers explains this kind of laser as delivering a controlled, superficial injury to 5% of the skin to promote skin turnover. “This procedure lifts brown and smooths texture, stimulating your body to make beautifully refreshed skin about two weeks later. The results are more impressive than the above options, but the downtime is still quite short. This is a very popular treatment. It is my favorite to have done two weeks before a big press event.” Cost: ~$450

Downtime: Expect mild swelling and redness for the first six hours followed by seven days of noticeable dryness.

6. Fraxel/1540/Fractionated Nonablative Resurfacing: According to Rogers, this is a similar treatment to the Clear and Brilliant laser but just delivers more energy to a higher percentage of the skin, which yields long-lasting results. She says to expect greater improvement in brown spots, fine lines, and overall skin texture. Cost: ~$1000

Downtime: Expect two days of redness and swelling, seven days of “crusting,” and 14 days of dry skin with mild inflammation. By day four, Rogers says you’ll be able to use your makeup again and go out. Woo!

7. Carbon Dioxide Laser/10,600nm/Fractionated Ablative Resurfacing: “This is the most aggressive laser treatment for texture, targeting wrinkles, pore size, sagging eyelids, and acne scarring,” shares Rogers. “It causes a deeper injury to the skin, which stimulates significant amounts of new collagen and elastin formation. It is my favorite treatment to fix uneven skin texture because the results are the most impressive.” Cost: ~$1600

Downtime: Roughly four days of swelling, redness, and “grid” marks on face. Then, seven to 14 days of crusting, and 14 to 28 days of dry skin with slight inflammation. By day five, Rogers gives the okay to apply makeup and go out. 

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