I have seen this on my Facebook feed, a set of questions that people are asking their children, getting to know their understanding of what is going on, their mood through it all, their reactions and I wanted to ask mine, but to make sure I can always look back on their answers, I have decided to put it on here, so here is my 13 question Corona questionnaire and the answers each child gave. . . 

1)What is the Corona Virus

Dylan – Poorliness

Archie – A virus which is the most bad one, because it spreads really quick

Finn – It is why we can’t go to school

Cora- I don’t know

2) Who is the Prime Minister

Dylan – I don’t know

Archie – Donald Trump

Finn – I don’t know

Cora – I don’t know

3) How many days have we been in lock-down? (correct answer is 7 weeks and 3 days when I asked)

Dylan – 50

Archie – 2 weeks and three days 

Finn – 42 weeks

Cora – Shows me all her fingers

4) What is Mummy wearing?

Dylan – Clothes

Archie – Clothes

Finn – White t shirt and pink + white trousers

Cora – Pink and white

5) Do you want to go back to school?

Dylan – Yes

Archie – Kind of

Finn – Yes

Cora – No

6) Who is the first person you are going to hug when lock-down ends?

Dylan – Cora

Archie – I don’t know if I will hug anyone but probably Daddy

Finn – Harvey (school friend)

Cora – Dylan

7) Where is the first place you want to go when it is over?

Dylan – France

Archie – On holiday

Finn – The playground with a zip-line in

Cora – Stay at home, I really like being at home with all the fun things to do

8) What do you think we can do to get rid of the virus?

Dylan – Stay at home and be healthy

Archie – Stay inside

Finn – Stay at home until it has all gone

Cora – Poo on it

9) Is Mummy a good teacher?

Dylan – Yes

Archie – No

Finn – Yep

Cora – Yeah

(real answer is no!)

10) If Corona Virus was an animal, what animal would it be?

Dylan – An elephant

Archie – A pig because they always splash in mud which gets dirt and viruses all over them

Finn – A lion

Cora – A dog

11) How did the Corona Virus start?

Dylan –  People didn’t wash their hands

Archie – In Scotland?

Finn – With germs

Cora – I really don’t know

12) If you had to wear protective clothing to help you, what would it be?

Dylan – Armour

Archie – A glass suit

Finn – Armour made of diamonds

Cora – A dog t shirt and a dog hat

13) Are you happy?

Dylan – yes

Archie – yes

Finn – Yes

Cora – yes

At the time of Answering, Dylan is 8 years 9 months, Archie is 7 years 2 months, Finn is 5 years 2 months and Cora is 3 years 10 months 

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