I am so beyond ready to shop for summer, but I also know that my current mindset leaves me feeling a little clueless: where the heck do I start? Drawing up a mood board based on color is an easy way to begin, and I’ve done the thorough research. By browsing Instagram and scoping out the new arrivals on some of my favorite sites, I’ve determined eight colors that aren’t just “on trend” but also bright enough to make me smile, so I hope they make you smile, too. Slowly but surely, people are starting to venture outside as the season changes, showing off new swimwear in some of these bold shades or breezy house dresses that will eventually become cover-ups when it gets warm enough to soak up the sun.

There are girlie colors here, like fandango, which isn’t your typical Barbie pink and is actually a bit more sophisticated, in my opinion, and then there are bohemian shades — shopping natural tones with major texture is definitely fashionable right now (think: crochet, ribbing, and quilted accessories). If you prefer the cooler side of the color wheel, then sea blue is sure to be a favorite, and it’ll also remind you of the ocean. Scroll through to see my summer 2020 palette, and shop some of my favorite pieces available now.

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