Hello beautiful creatures! Today I wanted to share the best eyeshadow palette I’ve ever bought for $7: the Beauty Bay Book of Magic Palette. I bought this palette on sale from Beauty Bay’s site and the original price is only $15. The Book of Magic called my name because of the pretty purples, bewitching blues, stunning shimmers, and marvelous mattes. And best of all? It’s a 100% cruelty-free and 100% vegan eyeshadow palette!

Where to Buy
Beauty Bay

The Book of Magic palette is typically $15, but I was able to purchase it on sale. It’s currently out of stock at Beauty Bay’s site.

Book of Magic Palette

Book of Magic Palette by Beauty Bay

  • Charmed – rich purple shimmer
  • Jinx – deep navy shimmer
  • Spell – rich emerald green shimmer
  • Crystal – green brown duochrome
  • Potion – electric blue shimmer
  • Moonlight – white-silver shimmer
  • Alchemy – warm champagne shimmer
  • Stardust – vibrant copper shimmer
  • Vanish – warm cream matte
  • Manifest – neutral brown matte
  • Enchanted – soft lilac matte
  • Sorcery – electric purple matte
  • Voodoo – moody deep purple matte
  • Wish – bright turquoise matte
  • Elixir – rich powder blue matte
  • Bewitched – a sea blue-green matte
  • Cursed – deep navy matte
  • Trick – royal blue matte
  • Amulet – warm tan matte
  • Hex – deep black matte

In a sea of colorful eyeshadow palettes, the Book of Magic caught my eye because of the purples and teal blues. Those are my favorite colors to wear, and when I saw this palette on sale for $7, I knew I had to have it. I love that it is 100% cruelty-free and 100% vegan. As I had never used a Beauty Bay eyeshadow before, I didn’t know what to expect from their formula. This palette did not disappoint!

The Book of Magic palette packaging has pretty holographic foil on the lid. There’s a large mirror inside if you like mirrors in your palettes. It feels fairly sturdy.

I love the name Book of Magic, because I do think of makeup as magic. For me, it helps me transform into a more confident and calm person. The eyeshadow names are really cute to me.

Beauty Bay Book of Magic Swatches

Book of Magic Swatches

The photo of Book of Magic swatches above was taken outdoors in natural sunlight on an overcast day. Below, the photo was taken indoors next to a window in natural light.

Beauty Bay Magic Palette Swatches

For the Beauty Bay Book of Magic swatches above the colors are:

  • Top Row = Manifest, Vanish, Stardust, Alchemy, Moonlight, Potion, Crystal, Spell, Jinx, Charmed
  • Bottom Row = Hex, Amulet, Trick, Cursed, Bewitched, Elixir, Wish, Voodoo, Sorcery, Enchanted

Book of Magic Swatches on Fair Skin


  • Top Row – Stardust, Alchemy, Moonlight
  • Bottom Row – Trick, Cursed, Bewitched, Elixir


Book of Magic Swatches


  • Top Row – Moonlight, Potion, Crystal
  • Bottom Row – Bewitched, Elixir, Wish, Voodoo


Beauty Bay Magic Palette Swatches

  • Top Row – Crystal, Spell, Jinx, Charmed
  • Bottom Row -Wish, Voodoo, Sorcery, Enchanted

Purple Makeup Inspiration

I put together four quick looks with the Beauty Bay Book of Magic Palette for inspiration for you.

Purple Eyeshadow Look

My signature look with the Book of Magic palette is all about purples. I used a Sigma E25 brush to apply Sorcery to the lid, crease, and lower lid. I used Enchanted to blend out the edges of Sorcery in the crease with a Nyx 44 brush. On a damp Sigma E54 brush I applied Charmed to the lid. I used an It Cosmetics Airbrush Smokey Liner 125 brush to line the eyes with Voodoo.

These 4 cool-toned purples work so well together! They’re my favorite ‘quad’ from this palette. Love purple makeup? See all my purple makeup looks and tutorials.

Teal Makeup Inspiration

Teal Eyeshadow Look

With a Sigma E25 brush, I applied Bewitched all over the lid, crease and lower lid. I used Wish to blend out the edges with a Nyx 44 brush. Spell was applied damp to the lid with a Sigma E54 brush. Cursed lined the eyes with my It Cosmetics Airbrush Smokey Liner 125 brush.

I really love my teal blues, and these 4 colors together from the Book of Magic are perfection. Into teals? See my teal makeup looks.

Neutral Makeup Inspiration

Neutral Eyeshadow Look

When looking at my swatches for this palette, I was reminded of the Melt Cosmetics Blueprint stack because of the mix of neutrals and blues, so I decided to put together an easy neutral look for you too. Want more neutrals? Check out my neutral makeup looks.

Amulet was applied all over the lid, crease and lower lid with a Sigma E25. Vanish was used with a Nyx 44 brush to blend out the edges. Crystal was applied on a damp Sigma E54 brush to the lid. Manifest lined the eyes with an It Cosmetics Airbrush Smokey Liner 125 brush.

Blue Makeup Inspiration

Blue Eyeshadow Look

For this last blue look I played with several colors. I used a stiff angled OCC brush to create a V shape at the inner and outer corner with Hex. Cursed was applied just inside the inner and outer V with the same angled brush. Bewitched was applied to the center of the lid, lower lid and crease with a Sigma E25 brush. Vanish was used on a Nyx 44 brush to blend out the edges of the crease. I layered Jinx at the inner and outer v, and because I used my finger tip instead of a brush it had a bit of fallout into my crease. Spell was applied to finish this look at the center of the lid and lower lid. See more blue makeup looks for inspiration.

Eyeshadow Combo Ideas

  • Purple Quad – Charmed, Enchanted, Sorcery, Voodoo
  • Teal Quad – Spell, Wish, Bewitched, Cursed
  • Neutral Quad – Crystal, Vanish, Amulet, Manifest
  • Blue Quad – Potion, Elixir, Trick, Cursed
  • Silver Quad – Moonlight, Vanish, Wish, Hex
  • Copper Quad – Stardust, Vanish, Amulet, Manifest
  • Gold Quad – Alchemy, Vanish, Amulet, Cursed
  • Navy Quad – Jinx, Wish, Trick, Cursed
  • Crystal Quad – Crystal, Sorcery, Voodoo, Bewitched

Eyeshadow Brushes Used

The Sigma E25 Brush is my workhorse eyeshadow brush. I probably own 6 of this style. I love to use it to apply my color to the lid and crease, as well as to blend things out. The Nyx 44 Brush is a tiny brush, perfect for blending on hooded eyes like mine. If you like to smoke out powder eyeshadow as liner, you NEED the It Cosmetics Airbrush Smokey Liner 125 Brush, as it is perfect for this! The Sigma E54 Brush is nice for packing eyeshadow onto my lids.

Beauty Bay Book of Magic Palette Thoughts

Beauty Bay Book of Magic Palette Review, Swatches, Makeup Inspiration

The Beauty Bay Book of Magic Palette has a thin, buildable eyeshadow formula. The mattes are surprisingly pigmented and very easy to work with. I find the shimmers work best for me if applied with a damp brush. If I try to use my finger tip to tap them on, I end up with some fallout.

My favorite colors in this palette are Charmed (cool-toned light purple shimmer), Jinx (deep navy shimmer on a blackened navy base), Spell (rich emerald green shimmer on a teal base), Crystal (soft brown with golden-green shift), Moonlight (silvery white shimmer), Enchanted (soft cool-toned purple matte), Sorcery (bright purple matte), Voodoo (deep purple matte), Wish (bright turquoise matte), Bewitched (teal blue matte), Cursed (deep navy matte), Vanish (warm vanilla matte), Amulet (warm caramel matte), and Hex (black matte).

If you have the opportunity to pick up the Beauty Bay Book of Magic palette, don’t hesitate! It’s the prettiest teal and purple premade palette I’ve ever seen. What do you think of the Book of Magic?


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