Hold onto your hats, Tyler Cameron and dog fans alike: two of your favourite things are officially intersecting, and coming to your phones ASAP. On May 7, Tyler—a former contestant on season 15 of The Bachelorette and Bach nation fan fave—announced that he’s getting his own show on Quibi, the new streaming service with episodes clocking in at 10 minutes or less, designed to be watched on your phone. The hunky Florida native shared the trailer for the upcoming series on Instagram, writing: “Barkitecture comes out May 11th!”

Featuring Tyler and interior designer Delia Kenza, Barkitecture will follow the pair as they build chic AF doghouses for the pets of the rich and famous. (FYI, alongside being a model, Tyler is *also* a contractor, so this pairing actually makes sense. Plus, this means we can have confidence in the structural integrity of the dog homes…we think).

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The trailer features celebs like Canadian Lilly Singh (while we have a complicated relationship with Singh, we have an uncomplicated love for her doggo), Joel McHale and Lisa Vanderpump reacting with glee over their pets’ mini mansions and it really does look like a fun time. (Plus, these dog houses are actually design #goals.)

Also a fun time? The fact that Tyler appears throughout the trailer (and one can only assume the show) in his signature skin-tight T-shirts. And those biceps are HOT.

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Come for the pups, stay for Tyler’s dogs (a.k.a. arms), amiright?

I’m sorry to every other single show on the Quibi platform, but this is unequivocally the best show on the streaming service (yes, even Kirby Jenner‘s!). We don’t even have to see an episode to know this as a cold, hard fact. Because Barkitecture already features three of the sweetest, most joy-inducing things on this planet: Tyler Cameron, Tyler Cameron’s arms in tight shirts, and dogs. And honestly, what more could we ask for during a global pandemic?

I guess this means I’m getting Quibi?

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