Bucket lists can fall into all types of categories; they can be once-in-a-lifetime experiences or a creative summer to-do list! If you have children at home this summer creating a Summer Bucket List with them can help you fill your sunny, summer days and even some of the overcast ones. Creating a list with your kiddos helps them take ownership of how they spend their time, helps you limit their screen time, and builds excitement and anticipation around your trips, projects, and events. You can even create multiple bucket lists; crafts, local events, local experiences or adventures, travel destinations, etc.

Here are some of my family’s favorite low-key bucket list ideas. (Although I would love to add learn to surf, tropical scuba diving, and helicopter tours to this list those are not practical for my young family right now.)

DIY Bucket List: make play dough, build and hang a bird house, paint rocks, tie-dye shirts, finger weave a necklace or bracelet, build a sandcastle, make homemade ice cream or popsicles, learn origami.

Local Events Bucket List: go to the farmers market for lunch, attend an arts fair, dance at a concert in the park, join the summer reading program at the local library, host your own local event with a neighborhood potluck.

Children laying in green summer grass

Local Experiences and Adventures Bucket List: play putt-putt golf, rent a boat, paddle board or kayak, go to the drive in movie theater, visit mom and/or dad at work, check out the local museums, use the local hiking and bike trails, try indoor skydiving, check out the indoor trampoline gym, dive into the waterpark, community pool or playground splash pad, go roller-skating, check out the local bowling alley. 

Travel Destinations Bucket List: go to the beach, check out a local National Park, plan a trip to a theme park or two, spend the night in the city and do a local tour, visit the zoo and the aquarium.

Mom putting sunscreen on daughter's nose at beach

Summer 2019 can be distinctive from last summer and the one previous. Each year your bucket list should reflect your kids interests and development. Pick opportunities that challenge them this year and push them out of the comfort zone. New challenging experiences will highlight how much they have grown over the year. Longer bike rides, new museums, more difficult hikes are only possible with their new level of maturity and athleticism. This will boost their confidence and allow you and your family to try new things while creating memories for 2019!

Kids camping around outdoor fire with marshmallows

Shauna is a mom of two and works for Little Skye Kids Boutique providing amazing customer service!

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