[unpaid/samples] I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to patches for anything – I think perhaps my perception is ruined by those foot detox patches that were all horrible and brown after wearing, designed to make you think they were ‘toxins’ but exactly the same happened if you left them on a lightly warm radiator overnight and there is nothing that can make me believe my rads needed detoxing. However, I’ve been giving a couple of patch brands a go recently, so I’ll start with this one – the Subtle Energies Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patches.

Subtle Energies Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patches

I think I’d be correct in saying that you really have to be into alternative remedies to take this into your bed. The ingredients include jasmine, sandalwood and frankincense alongside a number of oils that I’ve never heard of – jatamansi for one, as well as kewda and brahmi which you might know better as hyssop. They’re all indicated in helping aid sleep and anxiety so it’s kind of a power patch in that respect. The usual suspect, lavender, shows up too.

Subtle Energies Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patches

It’s a weird thing that when I used a patch (on my wrist, because I tend to sleep with my hands near my face) it didn’t smell very nice to me – just a bit uninteresting and I’m going to use the term ‘hempy’ as a generic earthy botanical smell. However, I had one of the nicest dreams I’ve ever had that night and wait til I tell you what! Harry and Megan came to visit (Harry wearing ear-rings – I know..) and we had the most lovely time sitting on the stairs to the deck  chatting in the sunshine. I got along like a house on fire with Megan who was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I have no idea what we talked about but I have a vague impression still of agreeing with absolutely every word she said. When I woke up, I was really calm and happy and had the feeling I’d had a lovely time. How strange is that! I don’t even have any particular leanings one way or the other to Harry or Megan and I don’t have a deck either.

Subtle Energies Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patches

So, either there is some kind of dream magic in these little discs or it was just a random dream – and I’ll never know! But, I will say I don’t particularly remember dreams and never wake up thinking I’ve had a great time asleep. I’ll try them again, I have plenty here, but doubt I’ll be able to summon Megan and Harry for the next meet up which is a shame since we all got along so well :-). They’re expensive – £45 for 9 patches (you can also get Aura Protecting Patches) but have genuinely left me curious and a bit more leaning into patches. Find them HERE.





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