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Guess who has a hand sanitizer? Suave! Yup, Suave Hand Sanitizer has hit the market. It’s now available at Target. And this my friends is how you can tell your grand kids someday how the evolution of hand sanitizer started. Because you know that if Suave is doing it we’re going to see everyone and their mama introducing their own formulas soon! I’m sure it’ll be all Baskin Robbins 100 flavor choices up in here soon.

You know there’s some irony in the fact I stock pile Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps like the zombie plague is about to hit. When this started 100 days ago, I felt such comfort that I had rows and rows of Bath and Body Works Hand Soap in my beauty closet. But I quickly realized I did not stock pile hand sanitizer as much as I did regular old hand soap. I mean, every season, every holiday, ever bloody limited edition hand soap ended up in my cart and in my beauty closet. I had enough to share with my entire neighborhood. But for some reason my massive stash was lacking in the hand sanitizer department. I had several laying around in my desk drawer, some in my purse, and a few bottles scattered around but not nearly enough to provide any comfort when I thought for sure the world was ending. Thankfully enough, Bath and Body Works has started restocking and they appear to have lifted their limits on how many you can buy at one time!

Other brands have also started to introduce different sanitizers some of which come along with a donation to COVID-19 relief of some sort like the one Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray.

As we head into the brave new world I think hand sanitizer will definitely be the accessory of choice to have on you. Suave just made me realize that we’ll see EVERYONE coming out with some formula or another as stores start re-opening. This is formulated with 65% Ethyl Alcohol but do your research prior to buying as not all hand sanitizers treat all germs. And don’t forget hand sanitizer takes about 30 seconds to actually work so no touching your face after application.

Do you think a wave of different hand sanitizers are about to hit the market?

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