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The concept of home office sounds ideal on paper, but in reality the blurred line between home and work life means many are spending more hours on the computer, and constantly stressing over work e-mails while trying to do household chores. It can feel more like we’re living at work as opposed to working from home!

The work culture during this stressful time can take a toll on mental health. For those in need of a proper break, it’s time to put those accumulated paid leave days to good use by going on that perfect #Staycation!

Libra: Picnic Party

What’s the activity that best suits both your chill and sociable sides? A picnic party with a significant other, friends, family or even just yourself – whatever suits your mood! The best part about a picnic is that it can take place anywhere, such as your front yard, a park or a beach.

What you’ll need: No matter the location, a picnic blanket is an absolute must, and nothing beats a classic plaid print! Bring along a thermal bottle with a reusable straw to enjoy your favorite hot brew or cold beverage. Pack fruits, snacks and savory bites in individual lunch boxes − bonus points if they match your pretty picnic blanket! If you’re sharing food, these delightful pastel-colored plates and cutlery will come in handy.


Scorpio: Yoga Retreat

Do you feel like everything is getting on your nerves? Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed? If the answer is yes to both, it’s clear that you need some serious de-stressing. Yoga is a relaxing activity that can help relieve stress, all while stretching the body and improving concentration. Yoga retreats are usually held in far-flung, nature-oriented locations, but you can turn your living room (or backyard) into a place of zen! Newbies can take it slow with simple poses or follow beginner-friendly tutorials. Turn up the nature playlist, unroll the yoga mat and begin your at-home yoga retreat.

What you’ll need: Be sure to dress appropriately – a comfy pair of yoga pants is essential to the experience. A little assistance is always appreciated, especially if you’re new to yoga. A yoga ring can help you with full-body stretches, while also doubling as an exercise tool to improve your back, neck and waist. For additional support on posture correction and trickier poses, a yoga wheel can help. After a good sweat, indulge in a clay mask sesh with I DEW CARE’s Yoga Kitten Balancing Heartleaf Clay Mask.


Sagittarius: Swap Home with a Friend

Sagittarians with wanderlust may have a more unique interpretation of a staycation. Being unable to travel has probably left you bored to the bone. For temporary relief, consider home-swapping with a nearby friend to add some excitement to the everyday without making a dent in your travel budget. Set the perfect houseguest example by leaving the place spick and span when you “check out”!

What you’ll need: You may want to spruce up your own home before the house swap to leave a good impression for guests. It could be as simple as changing to a new luscious set of bedding, adding a fresh table cloth on the dining table, and decorating unused space with pretty vases. For an extra personal touch, throw in quirky surprises, like this set of mini fruit forks disguised as a miniature piano


Capricorn: Airbnb Getaway

Capricorns have a reputation for taking things seriously, which makes it hard for them to completely unplug from work. Being stuck in a WFH situation is not the best for you! For a proper break, book a staycation at an Airbnb in your area. A change of scenery is always recommended for the overworked! Is there a type of home you’ve always been interested in? Go find that house with a great view, or that cozy little cabin where you can set your phone aside for a peaceful getaway.

What you’ll need: Unlike hotels, not all Airbnb hosts provide toiletries like soap, shampoo and hair conditioner. Pack your usual amenities kit in travel-sized bottles and throw in a set of tooth brushes, just in case there are no stores nearby. Slip in an organized pill box for medication or supplements that you need to take daily. If there isn’t  enough space in your backpack or luggage, keep other essentials in a roomy yet compact travel pouch. .


Aquarius: Play Tourist for a Day

If there’s something Aquarians love to do, it’s bringing an original twist to mundane things. You’re adept at keeping yourself entertained, and you can do so without leaving your local area. Pretending to be a tourist for a day (or more) is a great way to gain fresh perspective on familiar surroundings! For your staycation, discover hidden gems and explore places you haven’t been to in your city!

What you’ll need: Start by packing some outdoor essentials, and be prepared for activities that can last all day! Keep yourself refreshed with this portable drinking bottle fitted with a tea infuser and a cap that doubles as a cup – ideal for tea lovers to enjoy a mini tea break on the go. A plain journal is great for collecting all the little bits and bobs from the places you visit, which you can turn into a scrapbook or travel album after. Remember to keep your hands clean. All that sanitizing and washing tends to leave skin dry, so throw JUICE TO CLEANSE’s citrus-scented hand cream into your backpack for soft and fresh-smelling hands!</p> for soft and fresh-smelling hands!


Pisces: DIY Spa Day

The perfect staycation for Pisceans involves relaxation in the form of pampering. It also needs to be a safe space that allows imagination to flow freely. If visiting your local spa is not feasible at the moment, create your own spa day at home, which only requires a few things! Most importantly, the mood needs to be right.

What you’ll need: Setting the mood can be as simple as lighting a scented candle (or two) in your makeshift “spa room” – especially one with a relaxing aroma! Use your imagination and a sprinkle of this aromatic bath salt to transport yourself to a hot spring. After a leisurely and revitalizing soak, slip into a silky robe. Complete the spa experience by lathering on a luxurious body lotion – AROMATICA’s Blossoming Body Lotion contains jasmine and neroli extracts for a relaxing boost, while its floral scent soothes the senses.




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