Hello beautiful people! Today I’m sharing my newest makeup acquisitions, the Smashbox Always On Cream Shadows. Back in the day, I was obsessed with my MAC paints that came in a tube. So when I saw Smashbox coming out with these new eyeshadows, I knew I needed to try a few. For those of you who don’t know, Smashbox is a cruelty-free beauty brand. Many of their products are vegan. The Always On Cream Shadows are 100% vegan.

Where to Buy
Smashbox, Ulta, Macys, Cult Beauty

$22 for .34 fl oz / 10 ml

Smashbox Always On Cream Shadows Swatches

The swatches below are on my bare skin.

Smashbox Always On Cream Shadows Swatches

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Here are swatches of my Smashbox Always On Cream Shadows collection. From top to bottom in the photo above we have: Vanilla, Ocre, Olive, Cerulean, Ultramarine, Violet, and Greige.

Smashbox Always On Cream Shadows Shade Descriptions

  • Vanilla – cream
  • Ocre – deep yellow
  • Olive – golden green
  • Cerulean – muted blue
  • Ultramarine – deep teal blue
  • Violet – purple
  • Greige – grey brown

Currently there are about 15 shades in this Smashbox line. I’ve purchased 8, and have 7 to show you today. I have Vanilla, Ocre, Olive, Cerulean, Ultramarine, Violet and Greige. I’m waiting for Rose (mauve) to get here.

Fair Skinned Primer Comparison

I have very fair skin with a neutral to cool yellow undertone. My best foundation matches currently are: Smashbox Hydrating Foundation in .1, Milk Makeup Flex Stick in Porcelain, Juvia’s Place Shade Stick in Tokyo, Idun Minerals Nordic Veil in Jorunn, Clove + Hallow Skin Tint in 1, and Nyx Born to Glow Foundation in Pale.

Fair Skinned Primer Comparison
From top to bottom we have CoverGirl Nude Awakening, Smashbox Vanilla, and Urban Decay Eden. Photo on the left is in Indirect sunlight, while the one on the right is in Direct sunlight.

I included a comparison between Smashbox Vanilla, CoverGirl Nude Awakening (reviewed here), and Urban Decay Eden. CoverGirl Nude Awakening is $10.99 for .16 fl oz / .5 ml, while Smashbox Vanilla is $22 for .34 fl oz / 10 ml, and Urban Decay Eden is $24 for .33 fl oz / 10 ml. Urban Decay Eden (and Sin) are my two favorite eyeshadow primers. Basically, CoverGirl is 1/2 the size and about 1/2 the price of Smashbox, while Urban Decay is a little more expensive.

CoverGirl Nude Awakening is more of a beige-pink on my skin tone, while Smashbox Vanilla is a beige-peach. Urban Decay Eden is a light beige-cream. While all 3 colors work on my eyes to hide discoloration or to work as a quick one and done, I still prefer the hue of Eden.

Quick Primer vs. No Primer Comparison With Smashbox Always On Cream Shadows

While writing up this post I thought I should throw together a quick comparison of how lovely and vibrant these colors look on bare skin as well as on Urban Decay Eden, my go-to primer. I lightly dusted my crease on the Eden side with my Cozzette C1 Essential Powder to set it.

No Primer

Above is the bare side, no primer or setting powder. I used Olive on the inner half of my lid, Ultramarine on the outer half, then I quickly tapped and blended with my finger tip. I used a brush to ‘clean up’ the crease with Vanilla, then lined the lower lid with Cerulean. I hastily put my Haus Punk Matte Liquid Liner on. Please excuse my shaky hands.

This is the side where I used Urban Decay Eden. Olive was applied to the inner lid, Ultramarine on the outer lid, Cerulean on the lower lid and Vanilla to clean up the crease. Same Haus Punk Matte Liquid Liner. Again, sorry for the shaky hands with liner for this hasty look.

I’m wearing this right now as I write this post and Dave told me he loves this look and the colors. It’s a little crazy because of the bad liner, but it does a good job of showing how vibrant these cream shadows really are. I promise real looks with these soon!

Smashbox Always On Cream Shadows Thoughts

Olive (golden green) and Ultramarine (deep teal blue) are my favorites so far. I love wearing them individually or blending them together to create a golden green teal blue gradient. It makes me feel like I’m wearing a Monet painting. I haven’t had a chance to wear Violet yet. Both Violet and Cerulean seem to be a slightly thinner consistency than the rest of the shadows.

These eyeshadows are very easy to apply and blend out, whether you choose to use your finger tips or an eyeshadow brush. It’s also very easy to blend shades together to create new colors. Though on that note, I’m a little disappointed that there are no pure primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. You do have a deep yellow with Ocre, and Ultramarine gives you a beautiful deep teal blue, but there’s no red shade for me. The color I was the most obsessed with when I had my MAC paints was the red. I’d swipe the red on my lids, put on really thick black eyeliner and head out the door.

So far I’m loving the Smashbox Always On Cream Shadows. Have you ever tried cream shadows like these?


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