Almost every
business has a strong online presence these days and the global pandemic has
severely restricted business practices, making it difficult to start and manage
enterprises which can be stressful. If you are at the stage when you are
looking to set up a company in Singapore, there are digital solutions, thus
eliminating the need for travel, which is highly restricted in most places, due
to Covid-19.

Business Registration

In this case,
simply visit where you can choose one of the company formation
packages and the legal experts can get the ball rolling. It is important to
enlist the services of a local lawyer, as they are familiar with the complex
business laws in Singapore and that ensures you are fully compliant.

Comprehensive Online

You probably would like
to chat with a legal expert to find out the best solutions and the law firm
would arrange a free video call, when you can ask a few questions and make an
informed decision about the type of business to start. Once you have chosen a
package, the lawyer will inform you of the paperwork they require to set the
ball rolling and everything can be carried out over the Internet.

Representative Office

It might be that you are
considering opening branches of your brand in Singapore and would like to carry
out extensive market research, in which case the representative office is the
ideal choice. The non-trading entity allows you to have staff in the premises,
and while business activities are restricted, you are non-compliant with local
regulations, which is a bonus.

Private Limited Company

This entity offers limited
liability and is quick to process, while you are not restricted in business
activities and this package supports a working visa. You can have a resident
director, one shareholder and a company secretary, making this the most common
type of business registration. If you search online for a law firm that
specialises in foreign business formation in Singapore, they can offer you the
best advice and also handle the process completely.

Limited Liability

Perfect for private
equity funds or professionals who wish to live and work in Singapore, with no
capital requirements and unrestricted in terms of what you do. Freelance
engineers and computer scientists would choose this package as it suits their
situation and with a local law firm handling the application, you can be sure
of full compliance.

Secretarial and
Accounting Services

The law firm that handles
the application can also provide a wide range of office related services, such
as secretarial work, accounting and bookkeeping. This makes things much easier
and you can arrange the whole thing from your laptop, which is perfect with the
current Covid-19

If you enlist the
services of a local law firm, then you can be sure to make the right choices
when setting up the business and they can also assist with visas and provide
office services, should they be needed.


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