Sheet masking just became incredibly more inclusive. With an innovative mask design that takes into account facial hair, this face masking brand just opened up skin care to a whole new population.

Personalized self-care rituals, acts that cater to our physical and emotional needs, continue to enjoy major adopting. Sales in skincare, loungewear, and homeware have all seen an increase, which makes sense considering we want to make our time indoors as comfortable as possible. 

My personal self-care ritual of choice is a weekly spa day, topped off with a soothing and hydrating sheet mask to help my skin stay bouncy and to help me feel prepared for the coming week. Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, the sheet masks lining my beauty drawers didn’t quite work around his beard. Consequently, he felt left out of this at-home spa exercise. That is, until I found sheet masks made specifically for his bearded complexion. 

Enter HeTime, a line of sheet masks that account for facial hair such as moustaches and beards, ultimately making it easier for more people to dawn a sheet mask.

More than just making masculine people feel included in the skincare dialogue, these sheet masks are high quality and deliver noticeable results. The sheets themselves are made of an incredibly durable but soft blend of biodegradable cellulose fiber, so you don’t have to feel bad about incorporating more single use products into your life. 

“I’m a fan [of HeTime] because I feel included in skin care – not that skincare is gendered, but having to avoid a product genre completely because it didn’t work with my beard made me feel like skincare might not be made for me,” says my boyfriend. “It just makes sheet masking way less of a hassle and because of that, I feel like I do it more often.” 

As it stands, there are two different formulations available targeting different concerns. There is the Revitalizing & Hydrating Mask, which uses moringa leaf extract (rich in Vitamin A) to increase collagen production, baobab tree oil to lock moisture deep within the skin and rebuild broken cells, and aloe extract to soothe and health damaged skin gently. A little charcoal powder to help bring forth blemishes and pull toxins from the skin and cedarwood oil to help reduce the look of redness and acne, lets this mask reveal healthy skin in no time, for nearly all types of skin concerns. For those who don’t require a specialized sheet mask design, the Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack and the Mediheal W.H.P Brightening & Hydrating Charcoal Sheet Mask pack the same benefits!

The Anti-aging & Hydrating mask is meant to be so intensely hydrating that in time, you’ll notice reduced wrinkles and fine lines. This one in particular is my boyfriend’s favorite, because even he can notice how hydrated his skin looks and feels, and he loves how refreshing the scent is. Coconut water is the main star of the show in this mask, as it’s known to be deeply hydrating and chock full of antioxidants to nourish the skin completely and help increase collagen production from the inside out. Powerful green tea extract helps to deliver further antioxidants and help protect against environmental aggressors such as sun or pollution. Lastly, frankincense oil (which has been hailed for its anti-aging properties for thousands of years) helps to balance oil production and tighten drooping skin.

Masking, and skin care as a whole, should be accessible to all people, as not only does it benefit the complexion, but it can be used as an act that helps users “get-away” from stressful days. There’s something about a face mask after a long day of WFH that truly just helps all remnants of the day slip from the mind! 

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