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Are you taking care of your skin and hair this winter? What about your body?

I was guilty of not taking my body care routine seriously until this year. Since we spend more time at home now, we can dedicate more effort into taking care of skin everywhere, not just our face. If you’re switching up your skin care routine for winter, don’t forget to do the same with your body products.

Here’s a list of products that are worth adding to your body care routine this season:


MadeCera Cream Body Moisturizer Plus

Want extra soft skin this winter? The Madecera Cream Body Moisturizer Plus from SKINRx LAB will make your wish come true. Formulated with ceramide, squalane and shea butter, it deeply nourishes skin and locks in hydration. The rich formula is also infused with Vitamin E to strengthen the skin’s barrier.


Intensive Treatment Body Cream

For skin that needs intense nourishment during the cold months, try IWLT’s Intensive Treatment Body Cream. This cream doesn’t just transform dry skin into hydrated skin, but also improves its  elasticity, thanks to chlorella vulgaris extract in the ingredients. The gentle formula makes it an ideal body cream for sensitive skin types or if you’re a soon-to-be-mom.


Serene Body Oil Lavender & Marjoram

I’d pick body oils over body lotions any day, because using oils makes me feel like I’m at a spa. If you’re the same and want to indulge in an at-home pampering session, upgrade your body care routine with AROMATICA’s Serene Body Oil Lavender & Marjoram. Formulated with jojoba oil, it moisturizes your skin and leaves it feeling soft. The soothing scent will also instantly put you into zen mode. 

Use it alone or mix a few drops into your body lotion for extra nourishment. 


DER. THERAPY Refreshing Scrub To Body Wash

If no amount of body lotion seems to keep your skin moisturized during winter, then it’s time to add a body scrub to your routine. The DER. THERAPY Refreshing Scrub To Body Wash from RNW is a three-in-one treatment that works as a body gel and body exfoliator while massaging your skin.

Use it at least once a week to gently slough off your body’s dead skin cells. Afterwards, body creams or oils should work more effectively on skin.


Derma Maison Truffle Salt Scrub

Another great body scrub is MEDI-PEEL’s Derma Maison Truffle Salt Scrub. With a combination of black truffle extract and sea salt, this scrub gently gets rid of dead skin cells and preps your skin for body lotion. 

Worried about body exfoliators being abrasive on your skin? Don’t worry, this salt scrub is the opposite of that. It soothes irritated skin and leaves it feeling softer and smoother after every use.


Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet 

Do your feet need some extra attention? Boot season can cause rough calluses. To ensure your feet stay baby soft throughout winter, treat them to a Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet from K-Beauty brand HOLIKA HOLIKA.

Packed with shea butter, aloe vera leaf sap and fruit complex, this mask gently exfoliates dead skin on feet and gives them a boost of much-needed moisture.  As long as you incorporate this into your weekly body care routine, you won’t have to worry about cracked heels. 

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