May 10, 2020

Trigger warning! A certain drama queen may attempt to stir up trouble on Saturday, but don’t take the bait. Getting sucked into this person’s soap opera will only leave you feeling drained. Steer clear of any emotional vampires and prioritize self-care instead. What soul soothing activities could help you maintain your equilibrium? Look inward starting on Sunday, as stern Saturn turns retrograde until September 29, beginning its backspin through your subconscious, deep-diving twelfth house. Are you clinging to a toxic person or situation? Release any unhealthy history and focus on the future. This zone also rules healing and closure, so work toward forgiveness—or at least, leaving the past in the past. Need a little help putting an end to those bad habits (and bad relationships)? Saturn retrograde could be a good time to work with a therapist or talk things out with a trusted confidante. A neutral third party could provide you with some much needed perspective.

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