ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr launched today with two products one of which is the first ever mist on cleanser I’ve ever seen! One/Size Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist ($24) sounds pretty interesting! This continuous mist was created to remove makeup easily while moisturizing skin. The no drip mist has a superfine spray that you mist onto face, massage in, and wipe it off to remove makeup quickly and easily.

Just shake it up, spray the mist onto your face from 8 to 10 inches away, and massage into your skin, and wipe off. I’m a little concerned how effective it is since they also, advise to double down on stubborn makeup remove by pairing the mist with the other item in the launch which are makeup wipes called Go Off Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes.

One/Size by Patrick Starrr Go Off Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes ($15) are larger, supersized wipes that are 7 x 10 to fully remove makeup with one wipe.

Looks like Patrick’s new line has decent mid-range pricing and the mist is very innovative and unique but I think fans of his might be disappointed his first even launch doesn’t include makeup. Fact of the matter is he’s likely still under contract with MAC Cosmetics. His seasonal launches with MAC are well over however, depending what his contract entailed it could be that they he signed something preventing him from creating his own makeup collection for a year or two after his launch with MAC. That being said, it still doesn’t make up for the disappointment he fans may fill that his first ever launch includes merely two items that are skincare related.

This is a lot like Tati having a huge launch and later releasing the info the huge launch is vitamins and not the makeup collection everyone was so eagerly awaiting to hear about from her. Nearly a year later she did release an eyeshadow palette but I think people definitely wanted to hear about this first before the vitamins.

What do you think of the new One/Size by Patrick Starrr Collection?

Get it now at Sephora.

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