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It’s finally 2021 − good riddance to 2020! That was some year, wasn’t it? Having spent most of it in hoodies and sweatpants, I figure it’s time to reconsider my fashion choices and reintroduce pizzazz to my wardrobe, even if I’ll be all dressed up with nowhere to go. I’ve come up with six fashion resolutions that’ll guide you towards building the perfect outfit in record time. A new year means you deserve fresh threads, after all!

1. Chuck It Out

The first rule of the game is to give your wardrobe a thorough edit. In an ideal world, every piece should count, but we know that’s not the case in reality, judging from the sweaters and dresses collecting mothballs at the back of your closet! A new year is the perfect time to chuck out stuff you never wear, and invest in evergreen pieces that you can always wear, pandemic or not. A good pair of high-waist jeans is a great place to start, as are skintight turtlenecks and slouchy sweaters. You also can’t go wrong with a leather jacket and an oversized blazer − they give any look extra oomph.

2. Indulge In Statement Pieces

Now more than ever, our wardrobe needs a dose of sartorial adrenaline, even if we’re only dressing up for a Zoom party. Why not give it a shake-up by splurging on a cute statement piece or two? Whether it’s a boldly colored pleather skirt, a furry animal print jacket, an oversized slip dress or a pair of thigh-high drawstring boots, they should all come with that lil’ something extra, such as an idiosyncratic cut or attention-grabbing details. For that effortless “I put this look together on a whim” vibe, style the statement piece with your tried-and-true basics, like a snug-fit turtleneck, plaid mini and those trusty white sneakers. Go easy on the bling when donning statement pieces to avoid looking like you tried too hard.

3. Switch Up Your Palette

Bored of black? Oversaturated with color? Whatever palette you naturally lean towards, it’s high time to switch things up. If you usually go for all shades of the rainbow, take a step back and reintroduce some black into your wardrobe… or at least a hint of Ultimate Gray. This alternative boss babe combo comprising of a blazer and dress pants will bring immediate gravitas to your look. Add this color-block sweater in black, white and gray to your closet to sass up your winter outfits! For those who keep wearing all black because it’s chic and fail-safe, consider breaking up your routine with a pop of color before embracing it head-on. It’ll give your wardrobe a much-needed mood boost!

4. Embrace Comfort, But With A Twist

As lockdowns and social distancing become the new norm, we’re always caught between embracing slob chic and wanting to dress up for once. The best compromise? Aim for that sweet spot between casual and luxe by going for simple, streamlined pieces that boast unexpected details, like a hint of fur, puff sleeves or bold color-blocking. This snuggly hoodie with faux fur trim and this brushed knit cardi in green plaid are perfect for staying both stylish and comfy, while this form-fitting cable knit sweater is sleek enough for that morning Zoom meeting. For a girly take on athleisure, these sundae-hued joggers will take you from couch to grocery run, and back again.

5. Own That Trend (Don’t Let It Own You)

Are yoga pants as everyday wear not working for you? Secretly a maximalist when your favorite influencer says minimalism is the way to go? The trick to putting together a trendsetting ensemble that actually vibes with your personality is to do some heavy editing and cherry-picking to find what’s right for you. This flowy, lace-trimmed dress, for instance, exudes low-key cottagecore vibes that’ll still gel well with your trusty combat boots and slouchy cardi. If you’re looking for a touch of 90s nostalgia, why not go for a birth year necklace instead of diving head-first into flannel and grunge attire? For the perfect balance between kawaii and luxe, this elegant velvet blouse with an allover teddy print is just the ticket. And if e-girl looks appeal to you only in small doses, layer this purple mesh top under an oversized tee before slipping on mom jeans − but stay away from studded chokers!

6. Accessorize Wisely

The devil is in the details. Never forget accessories! A simple outfit can be lifted by a cute hat, and socks have been known to make or break an ensemble. However, don’t pile it all on at once, a mistake I once made during my overenthusiastic, overdressed days. A bucket hat, a single earring, a signature pair of gloves or an expertly knotted scarf is all you need to change the tone and tenor of an outfit. Simplicity is key.

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