We keep adding new kids brands to our site and now carry over 100 brands this Fall.

In this post we list the newcomers in the order they were added (newest at the top).

And be sure to check this page for all our big updates and releases: www.kkami.nl/new-releases/

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Bebe Holic

Adorable baby line-up – www.kkami.nl/product-category/bebe-holic/


Comfortable daily wear for the whole family – www.kkami.nl/product-category/soybean/

Plastic Candy

Funky, hip and fun street fashion – www.kkami.nl/product-category/plastic-candy/

Mooi Store

Boy brand – www.kkami.nl/product-category/mooi-store/


Comfortable unisex wear – www.kkami.nl/product-category/navi/

Plan B

Beautiful mixture of vivid & pastel colors – www.kkami.nl/product-category/plan-b/

Mini Bongbong

Gender-neutral styles – www.kkami.nl/product-category/mini-bongbong/


Good quality of daily casual wear – www.kkami.nl/product-category/creamcok/

Dress Monster

Overfit, Minimal, Chic, Boy fashion – www.kkami.nl/product-category/dress-monster/


Delicately-made dresses – www.kkami.nl/product-category/pudding/

Petit & Petit

Comfortable daily wear for our little princess – www.kkami.nl/product-category/petit-petit/

Pink Berry

Lovely girls’ dresses – www.kkami.nl/product-category/pink-berry/


Calm-down & classic style of baby lines – www.kkami.nl/product-category/bao/

De Marvi

Stylish unisex daily look – www.kkami.nl/product-category/de-marvi/

G Blessing

Gender-neutral baby line – www.kkami.nl/product-category/g-blessing/

From J

Calm-down & classic style of baby lines – www.kkami.nl/product-category/from-j/

Mimi Market

Very cute baby & toddler line – www.kkami.nl/product-category/mimi-market/


Fun prints – www.kkami.nl/product-category/nestar/

Miel Kids

Comfortable and casualwww.kkami.nl/product-category/miel-kids/

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