If you want to bring happiness and joy to someone’s home, there is nothing better than to prepare some great gifts. Universal gifts are those that you can always give for almost any holiday, whether it be a birthday or a New Year.

And yet, when we start choosing the perfect solution for what to give, it turns out to be an almost impossible task. Here are 9 incredibly simple ideas to make your present really wanted.

Practical Gifts

  1. Equipment

It is the best gift for all occasions. Equipment can be purchased for almost any amount. The choice varies from the cheapest items like headphones, small portable speakers or other useful little things, to the expensive ones like tablets, smartphones, laptops or consoles.

The technique is a high-quality and durable gift, so the recipient will certainly be happy with such a present. Just make sure you prepare something your friend is truly fond of.

  1.     Journey

Everyone loves to travel. This is how people discover a new world, fresh life aspects. Thus a fully paid trip, even a couple of days away from the city, can be an ideal gift option for a loved one.

Beforehand, find out what your person loves more: mountains or the sea, outdoor or laid-back activities, and basing on this, choose the right direction. Be sure that such a gift will be delighted with 100%. If you cannot afford the full price of a trip, you can offer your friend free miles for flying, or gift certificate for some local airlines.

Personalized Gifts

  1.     Gift Certificate

It is really the best choice because the recipient of such a present will have the opportunity to choose how to realize the gift. This is a practical, universal, and useful gift. Therefore, knowing at least a little the interests of your relative, friend or loved one will help you a lot when choosing the certificate that suits them.

  1.     Hobby Driven Gift

If you know the recipient and his hobbies well, choosing a gift is very simple. Look at what he or she is fond of and what they lack for this or will be useful. Perhaps a person loves painting, and it’s time for them to change their easel, or they fly with a parachute, and a new stylish helmet will be just in a topic.

If your friend likes to read, you may give them a collection of books. Before choosing a gift, study their hobbies, and then it will be easier for you to decide. According to CoolThingsChicago, there are plenty of ideas to use to make an affordable but precious gift.

Affordable Gifts

  1.     Cozy Blankets

Large knitted blankets made of merino wool are able to make anyone at least temporarily a homebody. They are hypoallergenic and beneficial to the skin. The point is not only that they are the very embodiment of the word “soft”.

The wool contains lanolin and creatine, thanks to which the yarn has antibacterial properties and smoothes the skin. Blankets allow air to pass through, and are easily cleaned of dust.

  1.     Gift Cup

Do not say that it is trite and has already happened a hundred times. First, cups often break, making room for other cups in life. Secondly, the more cups a person has, the longer he can drink tea and not wash dishes (proved!).

Thirdly, and we are absolutely serious now, each cup helps us cleanse the planet of excess garbage, allowing a person not to use plastic and paper cups for coffee or tea. So, a cup is in every way a necessary and useful gift. For example, gift your friend a Kool8 Water Bottle. As seen on Waterbottle.io, it is multifunctional, heat-resistant, perfect for sports and walking on the street.

Original Gifts

  1.     Moodboard for Ideas

Some people lack only one thing to make a big creative breakthrough, and it is to organize their ideas. A mood board is an ideal way to organize thoughts, visual images, and ideas. The mood board should match the palette of the home, so make sure your gift suits your friend’s house.

  1.     Pedometer

If you want to give a gift to an active person, and he still does not have convenient sports equipment or smart hours, give him a pedometer!

According to HealthCare Weekly, a fitness bracelet is a necessary accessory for those who want to monitor their health or go in for sports. The statistics of motor activity and sleep, collected in one application with pulse data, will help to adjust the lifestyle and the smart bracelet will become a favorite wearable device for a long time.

Using the bracelet, you can determine the number of steps during the morning run, the distances that you covered during the day, and the state of heart activity at different levels of stress. You can also measure blood pressure, the number of calories burned, and many other important indicators with just one touch of the screen.

  1. Star Map – a Memorable Gift for Favorites and Friends

To say in beautifully, the star map is a technological present that reflects the state of the starry sky at a certain point in time in a particular place. To explain it in simple words, this is a poster printed on white quality paper using a specialized poster printer with the date of the memorable event and congratulations.

According to TwinkleinTime.com, “it’s a picture of the starry sky, which will differ depending on the date you entered and the geographical location (city or region). This is surprising, but all the stars on the map are real. The maps are created based on the visualization of astronomical data from the NASA catalog, on which 30,000 stars are reflected with maximum accuracy.”

That is, your card will reflect the stars and constellations as it was or will be at the moment you selected, based on the specified place and time. According to Forbes, a universally good gift has not been invented yet, for everyone – it means for no one.

The choice is influenced by a variety of factors. Someone advises to give what they would like to receive, another person compiles wishlists, and someone believes that the best gift is money. For those who do not succumb to these tricks and want to approach the purchase more consciously, think first of the person you prepare a gift for. 


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