Happy Monday friends and welcome to the first Music Monday post! I’ve been brainstorming this post for some time now and have never made the effort to actually write everything down. You see, like most of you I’m sure, I’ve always loved music. I grew up in a household where my parents were constantly playing music in all genres and throughout my life it’s always been the background soundtrack to my life. There is something so invigorating, soothing and exciting about finding new artists and combing through the archives of their creations.

So I want to share some of my recent finds with you while combing through Spotify (my favorite listening device) and most of these came from the Discover Weekly playlist they make for me (love that!) and others are just from going to related artists / fans also like from the artists Spotify profile page.

This Monday Music’s post is a lot more folksy easy listening with a few up beat jams. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do because I can’t stop listening to these!

Little Bear | Amos Lee

25 Years | Dan Rodriguez

Too Young | Connor Duermit

This Too Shall Last – Stripped | Anderson East

Runneth Over | Luke & Jay

The Love That We’ve Made | Humming House

River | Tow’rs

Daydream | Matthew Thiessen & The Earthquakes


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