South Korean cosmetics brand Innisfree!

Can we talk makeup gems for a moment? Because Innisfree has so many of them! The South Korean cosmetics and skin care brand’s $6 shimmer shadows could have just as easily come from Shu Uemura, Armani or Guerlain, but they’re way, way, way more affordable.

I’ll get to some of their other stuff in a second, but the shimmers…SWOON. And I haven’t even been into shimmery product like this lately, really, but the two shimmer shadows I tried (a warm reddish bronze and a peachy gold) make me wish for every color in the line.

They’re both brimming with pigment, and the powders are so finely sieved that creating smooth gradients is a breeze. The flattering pearly finish glows without highlighting fine lines either.

innisfree eyeshadows contour powder tint swatches

I still can’t get over the fact that the pans are only six bucks!

Other things I’ve recently tried and liked from the brand…

My Palette My Countouring in Shade 4

Weird name, because it’s just one color and not a palette, but this powder is so fab. It’s a cool-toned taupe with a slightly gray undertone, so you can easily create the illusion of cheeks that are sharp enough to cut glass. I mainly use this as a crease color to deepen my eye sockets, and it’s great for that. Available in four shades for $8 each.

My Lipbalm in Sunkissed Cherry Tea

Kinda shocked that this red lippie is called a balm because it’s super pigmented. I’d classify it as a semi-sheer lipstick instead. If you like the coverage of Clinique Black Honey, then you’ll dig it. It’s very moisturizing and comfy too. Leaves behind a slight red tint. Available in 11 shades for $10 each.

innisfree sunskissed cherry tea
I’m wearing the Shimmer Eyeshadows in 8 and 11 on my lids and the Countouring powder in 4 in my crease. The Sunkissed Cherry Tea Lipbalm is on my lips.

Vivid Creamy Tint in 3

This lip tint starts off as a glossy cream, but dries down to a semi-matte finish. It makes your lips look like you’ve been hiding under the high school bleachers for three hours, scandalously sucking face with a basketball player. The tint doesn’t move either. I need an oil-based remover to erase it. This line of tints doesn’t appear to be available on the Innisfree US website, but there are 12 shades out there somewhere for about $10 each.

Smart Drawing Color Correcting in Apricot Peach

This one’s a little too thick for the fine-line situation happening under my eyes, but I think the peach color and high pigment would work for hiding shadows in the inner corners. It’s available outside the US in four shades at around $10 each.

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