Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner is a leave-in conditioning mist for all hair types that promises to repair hair damage while moisturizing and de-tangling. Thank you to whoever gave me a heads up about Alikay Naturals because I am not in love with everything they make!

As per a post I did late last month the revenue from this post (ad sales and affiliate links) will be doubled by my personal funds and donated to an organization that supports Black Lives Matter. As promised I wanted to bring attention to bring attention to more Black owned brands and businesses but I also wanted these posts to actually help someone or something so, not only is positive light and attention being shed on some amazing brands but the funds made from these posts are also supporting an amazing organization!

Now on with this review 🙂

I have a lot of different de-tangling mists and conditioners in my arsenal but I have to admit Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner has reached holy grail status rather quickly. I purchased this several weeks ago off the Alikay Naturals website and since that time I re-purchased it again at Target as I went through the original bottle that quickly. It’s freaking amazing. I also purchased the matching Lemongrass Hold It Styling Gel but I’m still on the fence about that formula.

This contains lemon grass oil, silk amino protein, and aloe vera juice. It’s a thicker mist that has an almost liquid gel-like texture. It feels a bit oily but nothing crazy. It has a very light lemon-y fragrance that isn’t terribly long-lasting but still very pleasant on the initial mist. I didn’t find it caused any build up either! I find the best way to use it as by applying it on my wet hair just out of a shower. I’ll mist it all over my hair and I roll my hair into my towel like a turban. I’ll leave it to soak in as I get dressed, make breakfast for my boyfriend (I don’t eat in the morning but I do make him something), and get my other bits and bobs done. I don’t use a hair dryer and I typically air dry my hair even in the Winter so, this method is typically how I always dry my hair. By the time I’m ready to unravel my hair it’s still damn but not completely wet and I can easily comb through it.

Here’s where the magic happens…!

When I unravel my hair I can already notice a major difference. My hair isn’t tangled up, I have to use a lot less effort to comb through it, and it’s super soft and manageable. As you know when I heard to work in the morning I’m all about a bun and a headband. I just want my hair out of my eyes and face. When I’m home or out and about I letting it down. When I get home and let my hair out whoa…! It’s just so soft and so smooth! No tangles, no frizz, no dryness! It looks like I had a really good blow out. My waves are actually bouncy without being dry and frizzed up!

It even gets better as if I don’t shower that evening and I do so in the morning my hair is just all smooth and tangle-free in the shower. As soon as the water hits my head my hair just behaves itself and I feel like even after a shampoo it isn’t tangled up the way it normally is.


Needless to say I love this stuff and give it a big Muse Approval for purchase. It’s pretty much awesome for any hair type but if you have waves or curls it’ll be great for you!

Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner gets a big yay from me!

Where to buy

Target Alikay Naturals


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