No drama in the dancery means your bank account will be a little slim. According to Mimi Faust, she allegedly took a $150,000 pay cut this season because her storyline lacked “drama.”

In an interview, the veteran reality star stated, “I was going through some s-t for real. It was really real. It was a situation,” she stated. “Today, they’re fighting over who’s the ‘Queen of Atlanta.’ What? I don’t understand that. So, I’m not gonna get involved. I just don’t get it,” she continued.

“So,  I think the show has kind of switched gears a little bit. A lot actually, and I’ve elevated and grown from the BS I was in, and I’m happy. Nobody wants to see you happy on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Love & Hip Hop is not a happy arena,” she added. 

“They wanna see wigs flying, drinks thrown, and somebody punching in the face. That’s what they want to see. I choose not to participate in that,” she stated. “I had to take a major pay cut because of it and the reason was I didn’t have enough drama in my life. Yeah, $150,000,” the reality star vet explained.

Chile, Joseline Hernandez, stepped into The Shade Room and wrote, “Come Join Joseline’s Cabaret baby!!!!!” 

In case you are living under a rock,  we were first introduced to Mimi in 2012. Joseline was once the side chick to Stevie J, who at the time was in a relationship with Mimi. For years there was a love triangle played out on national TV.  Every Monday night, LHHATL brought the drama and Mimi’s storyline carried the show.

Between fights, lies, and a lot of back and forth, the love triangle had so much drama that the show really didn’t need any other cast members.

Finally Stevie would leave Mimi for Joseline, but that didn’t go as planned. Those two made a baby and separated. He would go on to marry Faith Evans.

Stevie J and Mimi also share a daughter together.

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