Mambukal Mountain Resort

A popular resort in Negros Occidental is Mambukal Mountain Resort. It is a resort township located within the boundaries of the municipality of Murcia, Negros Occidental. Mambukal Mountain Resort is one of the oldest resorts in Negros, it has been around since 1927.The Ishiwata Bath House was first permanent structure in the resort and Kokichi Paul Ishiwata was the architect who planned it out.

Mambukal Resort enjoys cool temperatures all year round and serves as an entry to Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. The bathhouse, picnic garden, and different attractions in the resort became the reason why for 90 years this resort is still up and running.

14 Things To Do at Mambukal Mountain Resort

Let us tell you more about the things you can do at Mambukal Mountain Resort.

1] Swim at the Pool

There are two pools found in the resort, one for kids and one for adults. A mambo pool is also found here, it’s longer and deeper compared to the adult pool.

Mambukal Resort Swimming pool

Mambukal Resort Swimming pool

Perfectly cool and refreshing!

2] Take at dip at the Warm Sulfur Spring

The perfect place to get stress and tension out of your body, the Warm Sulfur Spring has hot waters that just relieve your body. You just sit there, relax and let the water do the work.

3] Go Trekking to see the Falls, up to the 7th Falls

You will definitely feel like you’re going on a fieldtrip when you trek here in Mambukal. There are different kinds of species, rock structures and forests that aren’t common.

4] Swim at the Falls

Of course, you really shouldn’t miss out on swimming in the seven falls. After going on your hike, it would be the perfect time to get rid of that sweat in the falls.

5] Bat Watching

In Mambukal, you’ll see the permanent residents of the area. No, they aren’t people. They’re actually bats.

Mambukal Resort Bat Sanctuary

Mambukal Resort Bat Sanctuary

There are 3 species of bats here the Golden-crowned Flying Fox, Large Flying Fox, and Common Island Flying Fox.

6] Relax at the SPA

If you really want to rejuvenate and relax, then you can go to their spa. Try out their massages and different services that are perfectly soothing.

7] Go Boating at the Lagoon

Try renting a boat here and explore the man-made lagoon. It may be man-made but it is beautiful. The water comes from the mountains and the trees even create an even more serene feel.

8] Go camping with your family and friends

The resort does have great accommodations, although if you wish to be closer with nature then you can opt to camp. And camping here is perfect as well.

9] Take a relaxing bath at the Ishiwata Bath House

Another place for relaxation is the Ishiwata Bath House. It is a bathhouse that is has a Roman and Greek theme.

Ishiwata Bath House

Ishiwata Bath House

10] Visit the Butterfly Garden

Because of the abundance in plants in Mambukal, it has attracted tons of butterflies that the resort created a Butterfly Garden. The garden looks like it came out of a fairy tale.

11] Stroll the resort and enjoy the lush green forest

Take time to appreciate the beauty of nature by taking a stroll around the resort. Enjoy the peacefulness in the area.

12] Experience the Zip line “Slide for Life”

Looking for something adventurous? Try out their Zip Line to get your adrenaline rush going!

13] Visit the Flower Garden booths

Any flower lover would appreciate the abundance of flowers here. And they all differ too!

14] Join the Mudpack Festival

If you wish to spend more time with some of the locals as well and enjoy a new and unique experience, you really have to attend the Mudpack Festival. This one is an activity you are sure to enjoy.


Which one out of the fourteen would you like to do during your visit?


Travel Tips:

  1. Food stalls can be found inside the resort and the prices are reasonable. Food can be ordered delivered to your cottage. They also lend plates and utensils.
  2. Bring your own drinking water before you go to the resort, you will save money this way.
  3. Family Cottage number 2 has the best view of the lagoon, if its available get it.
  4. You must bring Anti-mosquito lotion or cream.
  5. The payment for the cottage doesn’t include entrance fees. You’ll also need to pay (although minimal) for every activity you want to do inside the resort.

Below are the rates of Mambukal Mountain Resort:

Entrance Fees

  • Adult – P 30.00
  • 11 years old and below – P 10.00
  • Light Vehicles – P 15.00
  • Trucks/Buses – P 30.00

Swimming Pools

  • Kiddie/Adult, Mambo Pool, Dipping Pool
  • Adult – P 50.00
  • 11 years old and below – P 20.00

Picnic Huts

  • Big – P 600.00
  • Small – P 300.00

Other Activities

  • Wall Climbing – P 25.00
  • Slide for Life – P 100.00 2 trips
  • Canopy Walk – P 50.00
  • Boating – P 30.00 / person (30 mins)
  • Butterfly Garden – P 20.00 / person

Accommodation Facilities

LGU Cottage

  • 2 persons — P 900 — 2 single beds / Matrimonial
  • 4 persons — P1,200 — 4 single beds
  • 6 persons — P1,500 — 2 single beds and 2 double decks

Family Cottage

  • 6 to 10 persons — P4,000 — 2 bedrooms with living room, dining room and kitchen

Tourist Lodge

  • 2 persons — P 600 — Ordinary
  • 4 persons — P 700 — Deluxe
  • 6 persons — P1,000 — Suite


  • 20 persons — P2,000 — Exclusive use, non-aircon
  • P100/person — 10 double decks

Location and Contact Info:

Mambukal Mountain Resort

  • Minoyan, Murcia, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
  • Landline: (+6334) 709-0990 or (+6334) 433-8516 (Mambukal Reservation Office)
  • Website:


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