Soap & Glory Magnifi-coco Drop In The Lotion Body Lotion ($12) is now officially Summer body cream of choice. Who I am even kidding with that statement? Like, really!? Don’t we all own five hundred different body lotions? I know I do and I’m not really ready to commit to any of them and make them my Good Girl Friday for life quite yet! Like marriage I run away from commitments to body lotions. I’m not ready to adult like that yet. No way.

Seriously though, when you’re addicted to bath and body products it’s hard getting up in the morning to choose just on scent to wear that day. But mmmm maybe Soap & Glory Magnifi-coco Drop In The Lotion Body Lotion and I are going to go steady for the rest of the Summer. Not marriage mind you but a close, loving relationship for sure.

Soap & Glory Magnifi-coco Drop In The Lotion Body Lotion was one of those I’m going to Target for toilet paper but coming out two hours later with $200 less dollars in my wallet. I can’t even convince my boyfriend to go to Target like at all with me. Not even my friends want to go with me. My sidekick of choice is my sister because she loves long strolls down the aisles of Target. No one wants to go with us because we’ll spend like 90 minutes or more in there strolling down ever aisle. Target takes time. You have to savor it and take it all in.

On my recent 18 hour stroll through Target I decided to look through the Soap & Glory stuff because you know, I used to be obsessed with Soap & Glory but I somehow forget how passionate our love affair was. I mean, there was some point in my life I had my best friend Libby who lives in London sending me boxes of Soap & Glory because it wasn’t yet available in the US. Bless be the day it did launch in the US! Anywho, it fell off my radar and out of my shower for a spell but it’s back this Summer!

I purchased this $12 Soap & Glory Magnifi-coco Drop In The Lotion Body Lotion during my recent Target run and I’m obsessed. It’s been my body lotion of choice the past two or so weeks. We’re in a serious, committed relationship. You know me, I don’t really love body lotions and potions unless I apply them in the evening after a bath or shower. Using them in the day just doesn’t work for me as they always feel sticky and tacky. This has a lightweight almost facial cream-like texture that absorbs super fast. But that not all! The scent is incredible. It’s a creamy coconut pina colada-like scent that lingers beautifully! It smells like a Summer vacation on a tropical island. Yum!

If you’re ready to commit Soap & Glory Magnifi-coco Drop In The Lotion Body Lotion is available now.

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