Well, here I sit with a picture-less blog post. I don’t think I’ve ever posted without photos attached…but dang my wordpress account is just giving me ALL the issues and I haven’t had the motivation to fix it yet.
That’s just how life goes sometimes right, especially right now.

It’s been the oddest thing to have this spark of motivation and I run around the house like a madwoman getting things done and the next day it’s vanished. Just last night at 8:30 I got the wild hair to reorganize our game cabinet so I could fit some blankets in it and that started with me going around the first floor of our house picking up things to donate. In fact our donation pile is HUGE and I just haven’t made the time to go to the kidney foundation drop off or goodwill, or I should say I haven’t had the motivation.

Life has been weird.
A mixture of good and sadness and this fog of odd that seems to linger over each day. I’ve found myself becoming used to seeing masked faces and feeling slightly judge when someone isn’t wearing one (ugh). I’m home now more than I ever have been before and while it’s nice it’s also incredibly mind numbing. I have some great friends but feel like the friendships are strained due to the lack of physical contact and close interaction. It’s hard to delve deep over text messages and marco polo videos. Yet hanging out isn’t always in the cards as I am trying to follow the same restrictions Eddie has in place with his job (Navy) so we can walk through this season together.

Speaking of…man we are both so bummed with how 2020 is panning out. I know everyone is and I haven’t really expressed that much in this space so since it’s my blog I figured I wanted to take stock and express the sadness I have over this year. We (Eddie & I) had such high expectations on what all 2020 would hold. It would mean being together again after 14 months apart. It would be full of weekends spent exploring, going upstate for hikes, having family and friends over for game nights and weekly dinners, we were looking forward to getting plugged into a church and create community and make new friends and have these christian friendships that would help us grow. We saw so much GOOD happening this year after 3 constant years of back and forth and no normalcy. That’s mainly what we were hoping for, a slice of normalcy while we have the limited time in Charleston.

And yet, we got back to Charleston mid-March with COVID-19 nipping at our heals all the way from the West Coast. We had 3 days of “what is going on” filled with a Costco run and a few other store trips and then went straight into lock-down with everyone else. Here we are almost 5 months later still looking at the same things; lots of self isolation, limited contact with others, hardly doing anything outside of our homes (due to closures, over crowding at the places we could go, restrictions, and the dang unbearable southern heat), and missing community.

It’s been tough y’all.
I try really hard to not complain but dang if I haven’t been in a sour sally mindset for a while. I’ve struggled with finding all the good each day has to offer after 5 months of the same. In fact I’ve had so many bright spots and seasons of “WE’VE GOT THIS” that I finally just broke the other week feeling like it won’t end and I’m frustrated by it.

With all that being said there has been a lot of good.
Eddie and I have been able to work on a few house projects, we have had some good conversations, and got our kittens. We’ve also been able to see the areas in our individual lives and our marriage that need improvement and we’ve been able to have real and honest and good conversations about them.
I’ve been able to have a few “normal” summer moments at the beach and went for a weekend to the mountains but Eddie wasn’t able to come to either. We have had some great movie nights, watched some great shows, and found some new board games (yay). I was cooking a lot more at the beginning of the stay at home order and have gotten slack lately so I am hoping to bring that back into the weekly mix.

I’ve been trying to think of some things I’m really hoping to accomplish over the next few months before my birthday and figured making a list would help motivate me, so enjoy.

  • Read 5 books by my birthday (mid-October)
  • Get back into doing yoga at least 3x a week
  • Listen to more music and dance when I feel like it
  • Try new recipes & cook more meals
  • Hug Eddie more
  • Talk to Jesus more and read the Bible
  • Accomplish at least 2 more house projects

What about you friend?
How are you, no how are you really right now? Are you surviving or thriving – remember both are ok and both sometimes co-exist.
We can do this, even when we feel like we can’t.


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