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Doll-like in appearance but with a touch of iron to her personality, Violet Evergarden, as depicted in the anime series of the same name and its spinoff film sequel Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, has a soldier’s sense of discipline, the comportment of a lady, and a stoic demeanor camouflaging her action-girl past. Initially cut off from her emotions as she leaves war behind, Violet works as a “Doll” – someone who writes letters on behalf of others in a fictionalized turn-of-the-century Europe – and spends much of the series searching for the meaning behind the words “I love you.” By the time we meet her again in the movie, where she is tutoring an unwilling heiress at a girls’ finishing school, she has come much closer to discovering the warmth of human connection.

As befitting a character whose traumatic past has left her disciplined but emotionless, Violet Evergarden’s wardrobe is strait-laced and lady-like but infused with enough kooky anime energy to lift it from the realm of conservative historical costumes. Prominently featured in the movie, her usual “Doll” uniform consists of a Prussian blue cropped jacket fitted with beribboned puff sleeves, an extravagantly ruffled white shirt and full, striped Victorian skirts. The ensemble is topped off with heeled brown boots and brown gloves that cover her metal prosthetic arms, not to mention the gold-rimmed, emerald-green pendant she’s never seen without. But it’s in a pivotal ballroom scene in the first half of the movie that Violet truly dazzles. Shedding her uniform, she dons a theatrical, coolly androgynous all-white ensemble that’s part tuxedo, part ball gown – a fantasy creation cementing her as a true “princess knight” in the eyes of her adoring charge, Isabella.

All images taken from Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll and from official sources

How to Build a (Modern-Day) Violet-Style Wardrobe

This time, I take key elements from some of Violet’s most eye-catching fashion choices and give them fresh, season-appropriate updates. The goal is to pay homage to her hyper-feminine, vintage-infused style while giving it a jolt of street-style energy!

1. Structured Jackets

Taking inspiration from Violet’s military past as well as the structured shape of her signature pieces, I’ve selected an army green zip-up jacket whose utilitarian cut is underscored by lightly ruffled sleeves. If you’re in the mood for something more lady-like, this boxy, sky blue specimen in a summery linen blend comes fitted with circular, gold-tone buttons reminiscent of Roman coins. Alternatively, go sweet and sassy with this cropped, short-sleeved tweed blazer! Pair with your choice of flowing dress pants or billowy skirts for high fashion vibes, Violet-Evergarden-style.

2. Ladylike Details and Vintage Vibes

Replete with Victorian touches like cascading ruffles, ribbon embellishments and cinched-in waists, Violet’s wardrobe provides plenty of inspiration on how to create picture-perfect vintage looks. For a sweetly sexy take on the standard white blouse, you can’t go wrong with this retro-style cropped shirt complete with puff sleeves and luxe, gold-tone buttons. For full-on vintage appeal, anchor a springtime ensemble with this salmon-pink A-line shirtdress featuring a stylish front panel and a beribboned mock collar. If you’re looking for date night options, this flirtatiously cut white mermaid dress embellished with ruffled tiers at the collar and the hem might be right up your alley. Simply throw on a straw hat and add a beaded faux pearl handbag for extra style points.

3. Androgynous Chic

Here, I pay homage to Violet’s “white knight” ballroom ensemble by giving it a modern twist. Instead of our heroine’s figure-hugging, high-neck ensemble, I’ve amped up both sex appeal and street-style vibes by styling a lacy, cropped bustier top with a white pinstriped suit comprising a loose-fit, double-breasted blazer and skinny cropped dress pants. Further dazzle with a pair of ivory, chunky-heel Oxfords for a look that’s daringly monochrome.

4. Full-Skirted Glamor

Full skirts – billowy, ruffled or simply cut – are all the rage in the world of Violet Evergarden. I’ve gone for three pieces in subtly different styles: a tiered, lacy white maxi skirt that oozes “White Swan” vibes, a flouncy black maxi skirt fitted with a dotted mesh overlay that drips with “Black Swan” vibes, as well as a summer-perfect white shirtdress featuring a plunging V-neck, charmingly pleated skirts and a tonal sash.

5. Bold Green Stones

Emerald-green stones – featured prominently in the story – are guaranteed to bring mysterious allure to any outfit, whether as pendants, brooches or embellishments on humble bobby pins. Take your pick from opulent, aristocrat-worthy brooches with sparkling faux green crystals, a necklace centered on a green rhinestone ringed by intricately carved Roman numerals, or super-extra hair clips dripping with faux pearls and supersized green rhinestones in various shapes.

Coming In From the Cold

By the end of the story, Violet has come a long way from her painful past. Growing in empathy and settling slowly into civilian life as a “Doll,” she shows that she’s increasingly capable of forming meaningful relationships with her letter-writing “family” and with the girl she was charged to tutor. Only the vintage splendor of her wardrobe remains a constant – filled with lady-like details while surprising us with its bursts of toughness.


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