Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy Extreme Eau de Parfum was on sale at Saks last weekend and I totally missed the sale. I literally sunk to the floor and cried out in horror that I missed a sale on this. Ugh….! I had it in my cart, I was going to check out, but I got distracted and forgot. Monday loomed and the sale was over.

I flung myself on the floor, beat my fists on the floor in anger, and cried ugly tears that I forgot to order it! Now I have to pay full price….The horror.

The second reason I sobbed was because I’ve been very, very busy at work and realized the last video I watched with Brooklyn Fragrance Lover was his video on Love, Don’t Be Shy Extreme Eau de Parfum. If you don’t know yet know from some of my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Carlos aka Brooklyn Fragrance Lover passed away recently. I really enjoyed his content and it really saddened me to hear he passed away! RIP Carlos! I hope your channel lives on youTube forever so that future perfume-a-holics can love all over your amazing content.

I’ll be enjoying Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy Extreme Eau de Parfum and thinking of Carlos when I do.

So, I haven’t actually smelled Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy Extreme Eau de Parfum yet. Covid cases are down in New York again so I was thinking this weekend I’d break my quarantine to take a slow romantic walk around the perfume aisles at Saks and mostly important smell Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy Extreme Eau de Parfum. You know I am obsessed with the original! The original is pure bliss! Marshmallow, orange blossom, gorgeous, girly, but sexy. You already know why the original Love, Don’t Be Shy is a favorite of mine! I do so love sweet gourmands and the scent brings that to the next level!

With Extreme they loaded the scent with rose compose and an extra shot of orange blossom. And I’m sitting over here like damn I wish it was more marshmallow. People are saying that extra dose of rose is giving the scent a more jammy element much like Lush Rose Jam. I’ve heard this a few times and it concerns me. I like Lush Rose Jam but in really small amounts because it’s been known to give me a bloody headache. I’m hoping the rose isn’t too overwhelming! But I trust in Kilian and I have no doubt this will me utterly delicious!

Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy Extreme Eau de Parfum is available now.

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