I kind of go back and forth about types of face masks. For me, it’s either a “fashion-y” mask that looks cute with my outfit or it’s a simple one that you don’t even have to think about. And when I saw a New York Magazine headline about black surgical masks earlier this week, I clicked on it immediately out of curiosity. The article pointed out all the celebrities and cool New Yorkers that primarily wear black surgical masks, as they’re chic and sleeker and less medical than their blue surgical mask counterparts. And just like everything else, you can get them on Amazon in bulk for cheap. (For the record, I immediately headed over to Amazon and ordered a pack of 50 black surgical masks after reading the piece.) 

Kaia Gerber was mentioned in the New York Magazine article, so it can be assumed that she was one of the inspirations for it. I see pretty much every Kaia Gerber paparazzi photo there is to see (it’s my job), and I can confirm that she almost always has on a black paper surgical mask. Case in point: While out getting coffee with her boyfriend Jacob Elordi this week, Gerber wore her go-to black surgical mask with a cardigan, jeans, and sneakers. She looks great, per usual, and I support her decision to just wear the plain one and not worry about matching it to the exact shade of her sweater, etc.

Keep scrolling to shop a few different black mask options on Amazon.


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