You were supposed to get married this summer, but COVID had other plans. How did you go about reimagining your micro-wedding during this time?

We still hope we get to have a big ass dance party because, What’s a wedding without a giant dance party? For us, we just knew we wanted to get married and that that was the most important thing. We actually ended up getting married in my parents’ backyard up in the mountains in Colorado. In a funny way, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Of course, I wish we could have had everyone there that we wanted and that the guests there didn’t have to wear masks, but we got married outside in the fall and ate under the stars, and were able to spend quality time with each and every single person. I remember everything from my wedding. I remember every conversation I had. I remember the food. I got to eat, which a lot of people tell me the bride doesn’t eat. I wasn’t running around like a chicken with my head cut off in the morning because there weren’t all of the extra kinds of stressors. As a result, we ended up having the most magical day, probably one of the best days of my life. I’m very grateful for it. It was stressful leading up just because we really wanted everyone to be safe and make the situation as predictable as possible, which, in this unpredictable time, is very difficult. 

Your dress was beautiful! 

We actually just got our photos back from the photographers, and I cannot wait to put some online because of the dress. I had to wear the dress. I already bought it. It was sitting in my closet. I’m not not going to wear the dress, and if we do have a big party, I’m definitely going to wear the dress again. I’m going to wear that dress as many times as I can because it’s a beautiful dress. It actually was the first dress I tried on. I tried on many more dresses. I probably tried on too many dresses, but it was not only the first dress I tried on. It was a dress I only tried on because I saw someone else wearing it. Anyone who has tried on wedding dresses knows that they look so different on a hanger than they do on a person. So I’m very grateful to that mystery girl. I do not know who she is, but I’m very thankful. 

Have you developed any new fashion obsessions during this time?  

The sweats style! No, I think the thing that has been really fun is I definitely leaned really hard into the “oh, I’m doing Zoom calls and wearing a cute shirt, but below that, I’m wearing sweatpants, and nobody knows.” I’ve also had days where I’m just so bummed out and stressed out by the fact that I can’t go outside and see my friends that I’m like, “I’m going to look through my closet and combine things I never would have because who is going to see me but me.” You know what’s been interesting is figuring out how many accessories I can wear on my head while still wearing a mask. If I’m wearing a bandana in my hair and a mask, it’s a little too much. I will say, on a more specific note, other than I like sweatpants, I was introduced to the brand Sézane through a friend, which was both amazing and also maybe a horrible mistake for my wallet. I’ve been stocking up on their line because I think that they make such beautiful things, and the couple of things I’ve ordered from them are so incredibly comfortable and flattering and perfect for both Zoom calls and a girl on the go. I’m excited to take those looks into the world. 

We are nearly at the end of this wild year. What’s something you celebrate from 2020?

I’m very happy about the election. I did a lot of phone banking, which was a new experience for me and very intense. But like we talked about, I’m celebrating this time with the people in my life, whether I’m talking to them more on the phone or having a social distance drink in the backyard. It feels like Christmas because it’s just so exciting to connect with these friends who I love. Or all of the time I’ve been getting to spend with my husband. I think when I look back on this time that will be the biggest thing I remember. I’m actually going to make a time capsule, which I’m very excited about. I’m starting to gather random things that remind me of this year because I do think it’s such a weird time and such a hard time, but there are also really magical things happening, even with this movie. I’m so grateful Universal is giving this story a platform right now because I do think, even though there are elements of it that are incredibly sad and heartbreaking and difficult to watch, as we’ve talked about, it is a life-affirming movie, and there’s a lot of hope and love and passion in the tapestry of what it is. Another huge message of the film is we’re so much stronger when we work together and when we unite behind a common cause and celebrate love and celebrate friendship. I think that’s such an important message to put out into the world right now. I’m very excited about this film coming out. I also got on the sourdough bandwagon for a while, and I made something called a babka, which is like a chocolatey sourdough-y twist bread that is unreal. So I celebrate the babka. This time has been really difficult, but I am so in awe of the human spirit and humanity’s ability to persevere and to make it through really difficult times. I’m so excited for 2021 and what it brings for me and the people I love and also the world because this has been a time of great reflection. Hopefully, it means we can step bravely into the New Year with a bit of clarity and calmness and presence and really enact change on the world. 

Speaking of, what are some of your goals looking ahead to 2021 and beyond?

I am constantly trying to find a balance between work and life, and that’s one reason this year has been hard for me.  I love being on set more than almost anything in the world, second only to my husband and my family and my dog. I love working, and I love storytelling, so I really hope that the New Year and the next five years bring a lot of work and opportunities to explore different kinds of characters and genres, work with different people, make new friends, and travel to amazing places. I’m also writing something for the first time, which I was doing pre-quarantine, but quarantine has provided ample time to work on this script. I’m working with an incredible writing partner, and we’re on our second draft, so I’m hoping in the New Year we can find the right home for this project. I just continue to hope that I have the opportunity to explore what it means being a human on-screen and off. 

All My Life opens in theaters December 4 and will be available on VOD December 23. 


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