Every once in a while, there’s a moment where all my favorite interests intersect, and my love for film, music, pop culture, and fashion become one. Luckily, this culmination has come to a head in one specific trend that lives in my mind rent-free: Men in jewelry. Of course, men’s jewelry is by no means anything new. In more recent history, the ‘80s had a plethora of famous men such as Prince, Dennis Rodman, and Lenny Kravitz who weren’t afraid to layer on the jewels. These icons paved the way for the moments my colleagues and I tend to gush over: Hollywood’s best-dressed men showing up to the red carpet dripping in jewels. 

And while it may be easy to write off men’s jewelry as something only Harry Styles could pull off, it seems that the trend is everywhere. From popular shows like Hulu’s original series, Normal People creating buzz around Paul Mescal’s character’s signature chain, to Spring/Summer 2021’s most prominent jewelry trends, it’s been made crystal clear that the jewels aren’t just for the girls. Jewelry is universal—it is something that anyone can wear, as it’s unisex and can challenge gender norms. But if you’re not convinced just yet, keep scrolling as we’ve rounded up 21 famous men that make a serious case for men’s jewelry. Just a warning, though: Their drip may cause severe dehydration.


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