We’re now several weeks into the alternate reality known as the COVID-19 pandemic, and while some of us have settled into work-from-home arrangements and found new ways of carrying out even the most mundane tasks on our to-do lists, the shock waves of this global event are still in full effect. There’s a lot more to adjust to than just wearing masks outside and burning through bottles of hand sanitizer at unimaginably high rates—the way we relate to the greater world around us has been profoundly altered. It’s a lot to handle, but we hope Who What Wear has been a source of joy during these tough times.

One thing that’s been on our minds is the toll this situation has taken on small businesses. Along with healthcare providers and other essential workers who’ve found themselves on the frontlines of this crisis, those who own and work for small businesses are also among the most vulnerable in terms of work. Indie beauty brands are included in this group, but, thankfully, we can help.

With no corporate backing and less wiggle room to spend on critical practices to keep their businesses afloat during these challenging times, boutique beauty brands need us beauty lovers to lend our support however we can. Lucky for us all, shopping small doesn’t mean sacrificing cool, innovative products. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! These smaller companies are some of our favorites for the makeup, skincare, hair, nail, and fragrance products that make up our daily beauty and wellness rituals. 

Ahead, get acquainted with 36 indie beauty brands beauty editors and loyalists are already privy to that you can support now and always. Remember: Even if buying beauty products doesn’t rank on your list of priorities right now (trust us—we get it), take the time to check out their social media, shoot them a like, or share with a friend. Every little bit helps.

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