If you love the
tropical oceans and are looking for a unique holiday experience, why not embark
on an Indonesian island-hopping adventure by chartering a yacht? Indonesia
consists of 17,000 tropical islands, each with its own unique qualities, and
when you charter a yacht, you can rely on the experience of the crew to take
you to some of the best locations.

The Komodo Islands – Home to the amazing Komodo Dragons, Komodo
National Park is home to many bottle-nose dolphins, turtles and manta rays and
by chartering a yacht, you can explore this unique marine wonderland, while
spending time snorkelling and kayaking in the clear blue waters. The park is
worth spending a few days of exploration and with so much to see and do, your
skipper can help you decide where to visit.

Raja Ampat – The most remote cluster of islands, Raja Ampat
consists of more than 1,500 small islands that are located close to the
northern tip of Papua New Guinea. The coral reefs are amazing and you can
snorkel with manta rays and large groupers, while arranging your own yacht charter in Indonesia means you are the boss, and you can drop
anchor at any time and stay for as long as you wish. Kayaking is the best way
to immerse yourself in the tropical paradise that is home to more than 1,000
species of marine creatures, and you can go at your own pace, as there is no
schedule to limit you.

The Banda Islands – Volcanic rock and tropical vegetation make
for an idyllic setting in these magical spice islands that were once the only
place to find nutmeg, and the colonial times left a mark on the architecture.
Banda Besar and Banda Neirer are local ports to visit, where you can explore
the spice and souvenir stalls, and chartering a yacht is by far the best way to
move around what is otherwise a difficult area to traverse.

Getting Away
from it all

When you plan a
trip through some of the Indonesian islands, you are cocooned from the rest of
the world, sailing in stunning tropical waters with a luxury yacht at your
disposal, and you decide where you go and how long you remain in one spot, and
should you fall in love with a quiet bay with pristine beaches, you can drop
anchor and stay as long as you like. Your planned route is not set in stone;
indeed, many people change their schedule when they experience the tranquillity
and beauty of the hidden gems tucked away in the oceans, which is possible when
you charter a vessel.

If you would like
to view a fleet of 5-star yachts, an online search will help you find a company
that incorporates the Indonesian islands in their schedule, and with their expertise,
be prepared for an amazing experience that will remain etched in your memory

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