A quick scan of my vanity confirms two things about me. First, I desperately need a better organizational system, and second, that I’m ultra-serious about my skincare. From vitamin-rich serums to chemical exfoliators, and more sheet masks than I care to count, I’ve got it all. Like many other beauty enthusiasts out there, caring for my face is a top priority, but the skin south of my clavicle has become more and more important as well. 

Now, I’m Black, so I was trained to douse my whole body in lotion every single day. But other practices, like regularly exfoliating and taking warm baths are newer additions to my now decidedly extra body care regimen. Since making my skin feel as smooth as a baby seal is now among my top missions in life, my bathroom is stacked with luxe body cleansers, post-shower oils, and enough components to build dozens of top-notch baths. (It’s all about the salts!)

Snagging all my body care faves on sale sparks serious joy, so it’s shopping opportunities like the Dermstore Anniversary Event that inspire me to stock up. The sale is on now through August 17 and you can save up to 25% site-wide on everything from hair tools to body oils. Just use promo code CELEBRATE and get ready to save.

Ahead, check out the 27 best body care must-haves I found on sale, and don’t forget to snap up your own while the getting is good.


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