If I think about it long enough, I’m pretty sure that 2013 was the last time I ever found myself in a pair of skinny jeans. I went through a heavy skinny pant–wearing phase in the years prior, wearing everything from classic denim to corduroy pairs, but eventually, my infatuation with them faded, I grew tired of wearing such fitted shapes, and I found myself reaching for straight-leg and looser fits that felt more in line with the denim trends of the moment.

I don’t think I expected to like wearing skinnies ever again, but true to fashion’s cyclical nature, I noticed that the industry was taking a renewed interest in the unwaveringly popular denim recently and decided to try my hand at wearing them again, and—shocker—I didn’t hate it. To be honest, I’m kind of into them again. But I’m taking things slow and letting my relationship with skinny jeans build by wearing the denim in just a few key outfits, which I’m sharing here.

I picked up two pairs: Paige’s Sarah Slim Jeans ($217), which have a healthy amount of stretch in them and are wildly comfortable, and the Yoko Slim Jeans ($110) from Denim Forum, a high-rise, button-fly pair that feels more like rigid denim and has a classic look. To see a few of the ways I’ve been styling both of them and to shop the pieces to get each look, just keep scrolling.

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