In an era of working from home and staying in, it’s fair to say that footwear has been simplified. High-heels have been replaced with slippers, boots have been replaced with sneakers and comfort has well and truly become the key. In this sense, summer’s most popular footwear will need to adhere to a few specific categories—with comfort, ease, and versatility becoming vastly important factors. 

With this in mind, let us introduce you to Topshop’s recent arrival. The brand’s leather twist scandals excel in all the categories above, yet also happen to be stylish and well-priced, rivaling the aesthetic of a designer pair (a combination we love but don’t find very often). 

The pair has also won over our UK Shopping Editor, Joy Montgomery, who offered this somewhat glowing commentary on the shoes. “When the extent of my shoe usage while working from home consists of mooching around the living room and popping out for the occasional walk, it’s fair to say around 90% of my shoedrobe is not fit for purpose. The result? I have ended up living in slip-on sandals, and alongside my Birkenstocks, this Topshop pair has been my saving grace. Comfy (the material is super soft), cool, and bringing a mood-boosting pop to color to my loungewear, they tick all the boxes. I wear with everything from summer minidresses and knitted co-ords to jeans and floaty skirts. A serious all-rounder.” Convinced? See how Joy styles the shoes and then shop the pair below. 

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