Ulta Gloss Stick and Lumistick Under Eye Brightener for Spring 2021 – Musings of a Muse

I think I may need to check out those new Ulta Gloss Sticks and the new Lumistick Under Eye Brightener. Ulta’s busy refreshing their catalog for Spring 2021 so a lot of new products are popping up here and there and of course, as a girl with tired eyes, the Ulta Lumistick Under Eye Brightener was the first item that caught my eye.

This is available in two different shades and can be worn alone to brighten the under eye area or used under your concealer to correct darkness, puffiness, etc….! Ulta releases can be hit or miss so thankfully they have a BOGO deal at the moment plus $3.50 off $15 with code 814565. I sort of feel less guilty when I buy their stuff on sale and it ends up not working out. But on the upside if it does work out I got a cool deal ;-D

They also launched new Gloss Sticks which I’m all about. These are a lightweight, pigmented buttery lip color that provides moisture, color, and shine to lips! They have them available in six different shades! I wonder how they compare to Tarte’s version!

Ulta Gloss Stick and Lumistick Under Eye Brightener is available now.

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