I shared some time last year some thoughts on fragrances and how your preferences might change over the years, as your preferences and lifestyle changes. Mine has.

But there’s one scent that I discovered via a sample a little while ago, and fell in love with, that I still love today.

That scent is the Jo Malone Amber & Lavender cologne.

When I shared it on Instagram, a few people asked me how it smelled, and I realised then, that I had not shared about it on the blog. It helps when I do, because I can then direct people to read about it haha! 😛

As you can imagine from the name, the Amber & Lavender Cologne is not your regular floral or fruity based fragrance.

It isn’t warm, spicy or musky either, despite the Amber in the scent. Usually, fragrances with Amber take on a warm note. I don’t detect the warm notes in it.

Instead, the reason I love Amber & Lavender Cologne so much is because it smells fresh, just like soap. I. KID. YOU. NOT! 😀

jo malone amber & lavender cologne

It smells just like soap, but in a nice way.

I feel like I’ve just stepped out from the shower and put on some crisp new, fresh clothes. I like to spray it on in the afternoons if I’m headed out, because it cools me down, for some reason.

On me, the Jo Malone Amber & Lavender Cologne lasts long enough that I catch little whiffs of it through the day, hours after I’ve spritz it on. I like that. It’s like a little secret I have, that I’ll only share if you’re close enough. After all, strangers won’t be coming in that close to sniff would they? 😉

I’d consider the Amber & Lavender Cologne a scent that will suit both men and women. It has a masculine edge and depth to it, yet it doesn’t smell too heavy. This suits me right now, as my preference is now for lighter fragrances, and I’m quite happy to wear a cologne instead of an EdT or EdP.

If it feels too heavy, tou could lighten it up or sweeten it by layering one of the other Jo Malone scents. But I like wearing it on its own, as I do with all Jo Malone scents.

While I understand the logic and science behind their fragrance layering, which allows you to create a scent that is your own, I like the simplicity of picking up a bottle and spraying it on, without fussing over what else I should mix it with.

The Jo Malone Amber & Lavender makes me feel clean, fresh and alive. It isn’t a scent that will appeal to most women. Most I’ve spoken to wrinkle their nose at me when I describe the scent – Who wants to smell like soap?

Well, I do. And I think it takes a certain character to want to LOL! 😀 Someone who has been around the block, and who doesn’t care for the common florals and fruits. Someone who wants to smell a little surprising. Someone who maybe just wants to smell clean, of soap 😀

But that’s the beauty of perfumes. One person’s love is another person’s nausea-inducing headache. So if you enjoy smelling a little more unusual, instead of like a flower or a fruit cocktail, try Amber & Lavender the next time you go by Jo Malone. It might surprise you.

Or, it might not 😛

Have you smelled Amber & Lavender Cologne? Like it?

I’ve only met 1 other person so far, who counts it among her favourite perfumes, like me. Most others give me a quizzical look even after smelling it LOL! 😀

Paris B


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