I don’t know if I’ll make it to Ulta Diamond for 2021 and it feels kind of odd. I mean, I still have plenty of time but I’m not even half way there yet….! My current Ulta statement is $294 that means I need $906 more dollars. Without a 20% Off in a few months and 21 Days of Beauty being sort of a bust I’m feeling like my Diamond Status is in jeopardy. We still have the Holidays to get through but with a lack of new beauty releases I’m sort of feeling like I won’t make Diamond Status this year. The Sephora Rouge Event did secure my status of Rouge but Ulta I’m a little skeptical I’ll make it there this year.

It’s funny because when the originally introduced the Diamond Rewards Tier I felt $1200 was way too much and that I’d never spend that much at Ulta because I do tend to shop Sephora or department stores more. But I did it and quickly which shocked me a bit. You see, I don’t really shop the drugstore options at Ulta as they tend to be more expensive unless a sale is going on. Most drugstore brands are way cheaper at Target or even drugstores compared to Ulta prices. As for fragrance most of my collection is niche, indie, or higher-end and Ulta doesn’t carry brands like that so, that was out for me. But they are pretty good with Mid-Range and certain unique product lines from Korean brands, etc…! Ulta can be an interesting experience sometimes as they combine the best of drugstore, mid-range, and a touch of higher-end in one location. I always wondered how I’d feel if Sephora started suddenly selling drugstore brands! I mean, L’Oreal makeup is sold in France at Sephora would I be weirded out to see a L’Oreal Mascara at Sephora for $14.99!? Ulta nails it as far as variety plus they have started adding more and more brands into their catalog like NARS, MAC, Chanel, even Tom Ford Fragrances.

So, yeah, maybe Ulta Diamond 2021 isn’t that unattainable after all 🙂 I dunno…! But when I saw my status this morning I was like, “Damn! Am I going to make Diamond Status this year?” I’ll keep you posted.

Do you think you’ll make Ulta Diamond this year?

Curious minds!


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