To be completely honest, I’m not typically one for extremely feminine dressing. In recent years, you’d more likely find me in a turtleneck sweater tucked into straight-leg jeans than a maxi dress and sandals. My style was one part neutrals-loving Scandi girl, another part androgynous vibes with boxy, all-dark everything. But once spring rolled around this year, I noticed I kept gravitating toward puff-sleeve tops and even shopping puff-sleeve dresses (arguably the least androgynous trend this year). But who could blame me? Maybe it’s all this time sheltering in place that has me in a dreamy mindset. I want pieces that make me feel romantic and whimsical, which is exactly what wearing a light puff-sleeve outfit creates for me.

Puff-sleeve tops and dresses are at their best when paired with ultra-feminine details, too: smocked bodices, gauzy fabrics, embroidery, crinkled linen, and crochet trims. Instead of feeling like I’m trapped in my small L.A. apartment with my boyfriend, I put on a dress with organza puff-sleeves, and suddenly, I feel like Rapunzel, patiently waiting for my hair to get long enough so I can save myself from isolation. (Clearly, I haven’t had a haircut in a while either…) I know I’m not the only one here with an imagination going into overdrive, so I shopped seven outfits featuring puff-sleeve tops and dresses so you, too, can feel like the princess of your wildest dreams while spending the summer socially distanced, of course.

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