In Singapore, aesthetic surgeries have grown into something increasingly popular in the last decade. In the past, it was deemed a sign of insecurity for a girl to go for plastic surgeries, much less men. The ever growing publicity that medical aesthetic procedures is garnering in this tiny, nation is revealing enough that it’s gradually being approved as ok. While this is happening, breakthroughs in technology and therapies in scientific beauty led to the popularisation of what came to be recognised as ‘lunch-time’ surgeries — where girls can do a beauty surgeries to better or maintain the way they looked, and still be able to go back to appointments right afterwards. Singapore’s clinics and medical aesthetics landscape are slowly but surely catching up with Seoul – the pinnacle of aesthetic procedures.

Pico laser in Singapore

Picosecond lasers are the freshest addition to a number of aesthetic professional’s range of tools. This type of laser has the ability to fire bursts of concentrated energy in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second). Commonly utilized in the process of removing pigments, pico lasers can also be used for a variety of other conditions.

When it comes to treating uneven skin tone, the best candidates for a pico laser treatment are patients whose skin is peppered with hyperpigmentation, such as sunspots, freckles, and liver spots.

Pico lasers work effectively to breakdown excess pigmentation by releasing highly charged light energy at .0000000001 seconds. This ultra quick ability of the laser allows the pigments to absorb the heat effectively and be broken down to smaller particles for the body to process and release as waste. Pico lasers also have lesser side effects as compared to other types of lasers. It is normal for your skin to feel lightly sore and look reddish following a treatment due to its exposure to laser light. These are temporary and will clear in about an hour to a maximum of 8 hours. A session can be completed in an hour and does not need long downtimes. The recommended frequency for patients to undergo a session of pico laser treatment ( is at least once a month. This should go on up until you have reached your desired skin appearance. Treatments following that can be done in an interval of two (2) to three (3) months.

The price for Pico laser treatments in Singapore begin at $380.

High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound (HIFU) Facelift

HIFU face-lifts employ ultrasound power to heat up the layers of epidermis directly below top layer, stimulating collagen production in the assorted layers of skin area. The flexibility of HIFU is so wide ranging that doctors in some cases also put it to use to lift areas of the body for instance the arms.

As the HIFU facelift procedure doesn’t entail just about any cutting processes, it suggests that there is absolutely no possibility of infection or maybe scars which usually come with surgical procedures. Additionally, there is next to no discomfort which will be experienced. You can opt to go about the day of yours as you normally would. Bill: from $300 for each treatment


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